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Flip The Script With These 23 Short Flippy Hairstyles

Flip The Script With These 23 Short Flippy Hairstyles

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Flippy hairstyles are so back and they are here to stay! There’s never been a better time to be a short-haired girl with all these fun styling options. Check out these short flippy hairstyles that are sure to make it into your Instagram collection!

1. Flippy Shaggy Pixie

This flippy hairstyle screams “I just rolled out of bed” with its messy, face-framing look!

2. Middle-Parted Short Flippy Shag

Part your hair down the middle and flip the ends outward to create this beautifully styled version of a short flippy hairstyle that will suit all of my girlies with an oval face!

3. Flippy Pixie Bob

Flip your bangs to the side to make your already flippy hairstyle look more voluminous!

4. Shaggy Bixie With Bangs

With flippy ends, lots of texture and caramel highlights, your hairstylist can create the illusion of thicker hair, even if it’s thin!

5. Flippy Bixie

If you don’t know anything about the bixie haircut, you’ve surely been living under a rock. It combines the best of both worlds — elements of a short bob with the texture of the pixie cut.

6. Edgy Flippy Shag

Punk it up with this edgy shag inspired by the ’80s punk rock era — the messier, the better!

7. Flippy Bob With Bangs

This flippy bob has lots of movement and texture, and you can easily style it with a flat iron. Just remember, it looks best if you don’t overdo the styling.

8. Flippy Pixie Bob With Curtain Bangs

Soft curls seamlessly blend into a flippy bob with curtain bangs, creating a style perfect for casual outings. While girls with straight hair might need to put in some effort to create this look, girls with wavy or curly hair will find it delightfully easy to style.

9. Flippy Bob With Blunt Bangs

The red multi-tonal look creates contrast in your hair, making the flippy styling stand out more.

10. Flippy ’70s Bob

The playful, retro touch of flipped ends in your bob hairstyle would make for a simple and cute look at an outdoor wedding with the right accessories.

11. Flippy Shag With Bangs

Going to a festival or a rock concert and want to match the vibes? This flippy shag will give you the edge you need. You’ll need regular trims to maintain the cut and the bangs!

12. Feathered Bob With Micro Bangs

This flippy shaggy bob is the perfect example of how classic trends can be reinvented to fit contemporary style!

13. Flippy Silver Shag

Whether you’ve just had your gray balayage done or you’re seeking ideas on styling your natural grays, this flippy shag can serve as your inspo.

14. Short Butterfly Cut

To style a butterfly cut on short hair and achieve the feathery, flippy look, start by blow-drying your hair upside down to boost volume, then finish off with a round brush to smooth out the strands.

15. Short Flippy Shag

Recreating this flippy shag isn’t too difficult, air-dry it for a grunge look or use a brush to create a more polished style. Tip: blow-dry your bangs towards the back of the head to easily create the curtain effect.

16. ’70s Feathered Bob

Looking for a cool retro look that flatters a long face shape? Look for hairstyles that add volume at the sides to create the illusion of width, like this bob-length haircut with feathered ends.

17. Short Wolf Cut

This short wolf cut, also known as the cub cut, is inspired by the ’80s and ’90s grunge era. When asking for this style, tell your hairstylist to give you shorter, face-framing layers in the front that taper into a longer back section.

18. Short Curled Shag

Flippy, shaggy haircuts require nearly no styling, especially if your hair is wavy or curly, but if your hair is stick-straight, you’ll need to add some volume since it tends to fall flat. Using a straightening iron, curl the ends out create a bit of lift at the roots.

19. Feathered Bob With Dip-Dye Bangs

Your hair needs to be silky smooth if you aim to achieve this look. This combination of dip-dye bangs with a dark base creates a contrast that’s fun and eye-catching.

20. Choppy Bob

If you have thick hair, tell your stylist to remove some of that weight by giving you lots of layers — this will help you keep your choppy bob lightweight and manageable!

21. Shaggy Bob With Bottleneck Bangs

Try a layered cut when looking for flippy hairstyles for diamond-shaped faces! The feathered fringe will draw attention to your eyes and frame your cheekbones.

22. Flippy Pixie With Short Layers

Want a truly effortless style? This blonde flippy bixie with dark roots has what you’re looking for! Bonus: it grows out beautifully!

23. Choppy French Bob

It doesn’t matter if you have wavy, straight or curly hair, this choppy French bob will look flattering on you either way. It’s a clean-cut style above the shoulders paired with some shag bangs for a complete look!