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Viral Butterfly Haircut Is The Secret To Thicker-Looking Locks

Viral Butterfly Haircut Is The Secret To Thicker-Looking Locks

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Butterfly haircut has it all. It’s trendy, and gorgeous-looking, that’s for sure. But let’s forget that for a second and focus on what’s really important. This layered haircut gives your tresses the illusion of thickness, and volume. It creates movement in your locks and gives them depth. With all of that, it revives your lifeless hair in a blink of an eye.

Long Butterfly Cut

You know what’s the best thing about this hairstyle? That it looks good on literally every hair type or texture. It doesn’t matter if your have thin, thick or fine hair, a butterfly cut is the best choice for you. It looks great on long hair, especially if you have split ends. This chop will keep the length and it will help you get rid of the damaged parts.

Butterfly Cut On Medium Length Hair

How does butterfly cut look on medium-length and shoulder-length hair? Well, these inspo pics say it all! It doesn’t mean if you prefer subtle or heavy layers, this style will transform your look from boring to bold and it will liven your hairdo. As a result, you get a fun hairstyle to play with and a carefree and sophisticated appearance.

Butterfly Cut With Bangs

One thing is for sure: bangs make everything cuter. And they help you get rid of split ends in front layers of your hair. It doesn’t matter if you choose bottleneck, wispy or curtain bangs, just make sure to add them to your butterfly cut because they fit in perfectly with layered hair. Here’s a pro tip: make sure to choose the right type of bangs according to your face shape.

Feathered Butterfly Cut

You weren’t an “it” girl back in the ’70s and ’80s if you hadn’t had a feathered cut. Don’t worry, a feathered butterfly cut won’t give your look an outdated vibe. On the contrary, it’s back in fashion and it will help you look more modern than ever. It is a flattering style for fine, thin and naturally fluffy hair types. And it looks awesome on all lengths.

Bouncy Butterfly Cut

A bouncy butterfly cut will transform your hair in a blink of an eye and give you the most voluminous hairdo ever. You don’t have to go to your hairstylist every time you want a blowout. On the contrary, you can easily do it yourself; you just need a set of brushes and a blow-dryer. Yes, it requires some effort but as a result, you’ll get the illusion of thickness together with movement and playfulness.

Butterfly Cut On Curly Hair

Is a butterfly cut reserved for straight hair only? Absolutely not! Actually, some say it looks even better on curly hair and these inspo pics prove it. I’ll be honest and tell you that it’s a bit more difficult to achieve a good-quality butterfly cut on this hair texture. That is why you must get a skilled hairdresser if you choose this chop. But I can promise you one thing: it will be worth it because it will give your hair shape and definition every curly-haired girly needs and wants.

Butterfly Cut On Short Hair

Guess what: butterfly cuts are so awesome that they look amazing on short hair as well. Yes, that includes pixie cuts as well. The best thing about them is that they make your hair incredibly easy to maintain. Embrace choppy layers to get an airy, fresh style that will never look dull. This cut will give your appearance the fun, carefree vibe you’ll absolutely love.