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Embark On A Seoul-Ful Journey With These 25 Cute Korean Nails

Embark On A Seoul-Ful Journey With These 25 Cute Korean Nails

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There’s a common misconception about Korean nail art that ties it to those with a girly personality. Well, these cute Korean nails are here to show you otherwise and prove the existence of designs that can fit every individual style and personality!

1. Cute Korean Flower Nails

You can’t miss when it comes to adding your favorite flowers to your nails — this feature makes these cute Korean nails the ultimate spring and summer mani! Pop a little glitter here and there to make them shine more.

2. Cute Metallic Silver Korean Nails

Perfect for a night out or a formal occasion of your choice, these metallic silver nails will outshine everyone and everything in your way!

3. Smoky Korean Nails

If you’re looking for the mani to pair with your smokey eye makeup, you’re in the right place! The smoky effect of these nails will go with any make-up look you come up with.

4. Cute Icy Blue Gradient Korean Nails

Gradient nails might look easy to recreate, but it takes patience and gel layering to achieve them. This pastel blue mani is embellished with bows and a few small gems!

5. Cute Spring Garden Korean Nails

If you’re feeling more creative than usual, transfer the feeling to your nails and let the spring gardens bloom on your fingertips!

6. Cute Korean Jelly Nails With Stars

Korean jelly nails are a well-known trend where the finish resembles lip gloss with its sheer color and lots of shine! They are not too dramatic so you can always add designs of your choice, like these stars, to adorn them some more.

7. Cute Cherry Blossom Korean Nails

To recreate these cute Korean nails, you’ll need to add some white and pink foil flakes to achieve this cherry blossom effect!

8. Cute Black Korean Jelly Nails

The black translucent base that fades towards the cuticles make for a simple, yet mysterious and edgy look that will pair well with your daring aesthetic.

9. Cute Korean Sky Nails

Feeling blue and need a pick-me-up? These sky-inspired nails, with their cartoony vibe, are sure to bring a smile to your face every time you look at them!

10. Cute Confetti Korean Nails

Get ready for a wild celebration by dropping confetti from the sky straight onto your fingertips.

11. Cute Bows & Butterflies Korean Nails

Magic in the form of nails! Decorative elements, like these bows and butterflies are an eye-catching detail that is impossible to overlook!

12. Pink Sky Korean Nails

Capture the beauty of a serene sunset with a gradient base that transitions from pink to purple! Add fluffy clouds, a golden star and a crescent moon to complete this dreamy experience.

13. Cute Teddy Korean Nails

The glossy base of these cute Korean nails provides the perfect canvas for the sweet teddy and the iridescent heart!

14. Cute Glittery Korean Nails

Looking for a simple mani to match a dramatic eye makeup with gems? Pair your make-up look with these gradient glittery nails to get the right amount of shine.

15. Cute Pearl Jelly Korean Nails

Next time you decide on aura jelly nails, don’t forget to include a couple of pearls to add a touch of under-the-sea magic to your fingertips!

16. Cute Korean Jelly Aura Nails

Put some gems on these jelly aura nails and you got yourself distinctive and charming design when you attend your next wedding!

17. Cute Fall Korean Nails

Pair these cute burgundy nails with your new favorite sweater for a cozy and warm fall season!

18. Cute 3D Korean Nails

3D nail art requires perfect attention to detail as it’s shown here with these breathtaking pearls paired with shiny gold embellishments! It’s impossible not to admire the creativity that’s been put into them.

19. Cute Korean Sunset Nails

Enjoy the beauty of beach sunsets right at your fingertips with the peach-to-orange gradient of these cute Korean nails!

20. Cute Pastel Bunny Korean Nails

When crafting 3D designs, skillful application of acrylics or builder gels is needed. These cute little bunnies paired with celestial elements like moons and stars will fit your dreamy aesthetic.

21. Cute Korean Nails With Blue Tips

Try out this little twist on the classic French manicure with blue tips featuring a couple of precisely placed hearts and gems.

22. Cute Korean Blush Jelly Nails

The minimalism of these soft pink jelly nails is what makes them perfect for casual everyday wear!

23. Cute Korean Jelly Nails With Golden Tips

The golden tips on these cute Korean nails will add just the right amount of luxury that you need for a formal occasion!

24. Cute Korean Rainbow Nails

You can never get enough of colorful nails! These feature playful elements such as flowers, rainbows and smiley faces paired with vibrant colors that’ll fit your next cosplay perfectly!

25. Cute Korean Valentine’s Day Nails

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by recreating these cute Korean nails with hand-painted hearts and stars! It may take a little bit of practice and precision before you achieve this mani, as painting nails by hand is a little harder, but the results will be worth it.