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These No Makeup Makeup Looks Will Enhance Your Natural Beauty

These No Makeup Makeup Looks Will Enhance Your Natural Beauty

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Instead of hiding under heavy makeup all the time, let your natural beauty do all the talking. And the best way to get that is with no makeup make up looks. These ideas will give you just the right touch of natural glam while allowing you to remain your authentic self.

No Makeup Makeup With Eyeliner

Yes, you’ve read it right: you don’t have to give up on putting eyeliner on to pull off a no makeup makeup look. It will be enough to put it subtly and not to go over the top with the rest of your makeup. It’s just important to choose the right eyeliner style according to your eye shape, especially if you have hooded eyes. In that case, you want to open your eyes up and the best way to do so is to draw attention to the outer corners. Just make sure your eyeliner line is not too thick!

No Makeup Makeup Looks For Dark Skin

If you have dark skin, it’s easier for you to achieve an effortless glam look. The key is to pick the right foundation which will cover all of your imperfections. Add just a bit of bronzer to draw focus to your cheekbones. Add some eyeshadow in earthy tones, a bit of mascara, and some nude lipstick or lip gloss. Just like that, you’re ready to go and gorgeous!

No Makeup Makeup Look With Mascara And Lip Gloss

Mascara and lip gloss combined together are a recipe for a successful no makeup makeup look. If you don’t have naturally long eyelashes, you can go with subtle lash extensions which will give you an effective enhancement. Ask your artist for Russian volume but don’t forget to tell them you want a naturally looking curl. If you have hooded eyes, ask them for longer extensions on the corners, which will elongate your eyes and give you a cat eye look. As far as the lip gloss is concerned, go for subtle pink or nude shades that will give you a fresh look.

No Makeup Makeup Look With Eyeshadow

I know what you must think: the moment you include eyeshadows into your makeup, the makeup becomes heavy. Well, that can’t be further from the truth and these inspo pics are here to prove it. But instead of going for smoky eyes, choose earthy tones and don’t use too much of an eyeshadow. Combine it with a bit of mascara and a natural-looking lipstick or lip gloss.

No Makeup Wedding Makeup

This is your big day and you want to be the most beautiful bride in the world. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go for the heaviest makeup look ever. Trust me, sometimes less is more. What you need is the makeup look that will put an accent to your natural beauty. A no makeup makeup style will make you feel and look like a real life Princess and your big day will be just like a fairytale. This style will give you a romantic, gentle look, which is perfect for your wedding day.

No Makeup Prom Makeup

If you have an eye-catching prom dress, what you need is a subtle makeup look. You’re young so you’re really not in a need of heavy makeup. Instead, ask your makeup artist for some foundation, mascara and natural-looking lip gloss. If you’re out of ideas, I bet that these pics will help you find inspiration.