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20 Fun And Cute Lemon Nails To Brighten Your Summer

20 Fun And Cute Lemon Nails To Brighten Your Summer

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Lemon nails are this season’s must-have trend. Each one of these manicure ideas will bring a splash of summer to your style and make you feel fresher than ever!

1. Almond Lemon Nails

One thing is for sure: almond nails are a timeless classic. But it’s summer and you want to make them more fun. And that is where lemon nail art comes in picture.

2. Short Clean Lemon Nails

What’s so special about short clean lemon nails? Well, isn’t it obvious? They’re so universal that this manicure looks great on vacation and for an office day.

3. 3D Lemon Nails

On the other hand, 3D lemon nails are perfect for your next summer getaway. This tropical manicure is set to hot up your whole summer.

4. Lemon Shades Manicure

You don’t need to rock actual lemon nail art for a lemon manicure and here is living proof of that. Instead, this gorgeous yellow shade will do the trick.

5. Lemon Nail Art On Natural Nails

You’re not a fan of acrylics and prefer natural nails? But at the same time, you want to avoid a plain, boring style. This inspo pic is made for you!

6. Blue French Manicure On Lemon Nails

I can promise you one thing: your beach mood will start the moment you ask your artist for this blue and lemon beach manicure.

7. Lemon And Pink Nails

I know what you must think: pink and yellow don’t go well together. Well, this is where I have to correct you. Not only that: I’m even bringing visual proof.

8. Short Square Lemon Nails

Short square lemon nails are classy, and elegant with just the right touch of funkiness. This juicy manicure will make you crave lemons!

9. Nude Lemon Nails

You’re looking at a fun and stylish nail design that suits everyone. And the best thing is that you can recreate it by yourself easily.

10. Baby Blue Lemon Nails

We’ve already established one thing: blue and yellow are a match made in heaven, especially if we’re talking about the perfect summer manicure. But did you know baby blue goes this great with lemon nail art?

11. Yellow French Manicure

You’re a French manicure lover? Well, who isn’t? But instead of going with the classic white French tips, this season, choose a subtle yellow nail design.

12. Orange And Lemon Nails

Lemons and oranges are made for each other in life and on manicure. If you don’t believe me, just take a closer look at this inspo pic.

13. Mixed Citrus Nails

Here’s a great idea for summer nails: combine different citrus fruits on your manicure. Why stop only at lemons?

14. Ballerina Lemon Nails

These ballerina lemon nails will get you noticed wherever you go. Lemon art, glitter jewelry, the shape… everything about this manicure is striking.

15. Classic French Manicure With Subtle Lemon Art

You want to stick to the basics but also embrace summer vibes and find a subtle way to heat up your look this season? Here it is!

16. Ombre Lemon Nails

I know you couldn’t have missed how trendy ombre nails have become lately. Combine them with another popular mani trend: lemon manicure.

17. XL Baddie Lemon Nails

If you’re a real baddie, what you need is a confidence-boosting manicure to go with your personality. And I have one you just might like.

18. Glittery Lemon Nails

If you’re a bridesmaid (or a bride) this summer, here’s a juicy yet elegant nail design to make your look even more appealing.

19. Stiletto Neon Lemon Nails

There is only one way to describe stiletto lemon nails: breathtaking. There are no actual lemons included but the dramatic combo of color and shape says it all.

20. Lemon Leaves Manicure

Green lemon leaves will effortlessly blend with this milky white base color and yellow lemon nail art. All of this combined results in this season’s perfect manicure.