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20 Tropical Nails To Warm Up Your Next Vacay

20 Tropical Nails To Warm Up Your Next Vacay

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Looking for the perfect manicure for the summer? Look no more! I’ve rounded up the trendiest tropical nails, ranging from funky, attention-striking styles to classier options you must wear on your next trip.

1. Orange Floral Tropical Nails

How cute are these orange tropical nails? They have it all: gorgeous shades, 3d pink flower art, water drops, silver nail jewelry, and even a bit of animal print.

2. Short Tropical Nails

Long tropical nails are not a must. In fact, you can be a vacation babe with a short set of nails as well, if you go for this manicure.

3. Multicolored Tropical Nails

This manicure is simply made for fun days at a beach. It’s multicolored and therefore, will look great no matter the outfit you combine it with.

4. Hibiscus Tropical Nails

Hibiscus nail art paired with vibrant ombre nails scream tropical manicure. The short almond shape gives this mani a touch of elegance.

5. Classy Tropical Nails

Speaking of elegance… These tropical nails are classy and sophisticated but still summery. It’s a perfect mani for a resort getaway.

6. Mint Tropical French Nails

Want a French manicure for your vacation? Instead of going for classics, choose mint tropical French design.

7. Tropical Sunset Manicure

Let’s face it: when you’re on vacation, sunsets are your favorite part of the day. I mean, who doesn’t love them? Well, now you can carry a tropical sunset with you all summer long.

8. Romantic Tropical Nails

Going on a vacation with your boyfriend? Isn’t this the perfect timing for him to propose? Either way, it’s better to be prepared with these romantic tropical nails.

9. Animal Print Tropical Nails

Summer vacation is the best time for you to rock animal print on your nails. You don’t want to end up with trashy looking nails, so I strongly suggest adding animal nail art on just one or two nails.

10. Blue Tropical Nails

Blue skies, blue water all around you… What else can you expect from a perfect vacay? Blue tropical nails!

11. Transparent Beachy Tropical Nails

It’s time to look and feel like a real-life fairy. And these transparent tropical nails send off that exact vibe.

12. Palm Tree Sunsets

One thing is for sure: everyone will be knocked off their feet when they see your manicure. Palm tree sunsets are a win for a summer vacation.

13. Squared Tropical Nails

You can’t help but to fall in love with these square tropical nails. The shape gives off a retro, 90s-inspired vibe.

14. Tropical Pastels

Tropical pastel nails are girly, romantic, gentle, and lady-like. You can even wear this manicure at the office and every other day besides your vacation.

15. Volcano French Tips

I can promise you one thing: these 3d tropical volcano French tips will get you noticed. Make sure to find a skilled nail artist to recreate this inspo pic.

16. Green And Chrome Tropical Nails

Here’s something for my baddies: green and chrome tropical nails. This manicure looks even better on tanned skin.

17. Leaf Nail Art

Short clean nails don’t include any nail art? Says who? You won’t be-leaf your eyes once you see this adorable mani.

18. Cracked Pink French Manicure

With cracked pink French manicure, you can pretend to be a Barbie girl on a vacation. But with this mani, you’re not just any Barbie; you’re a badass Barbie.

19. Rainbow Tropical Nails

If you can’t make up your mind about your favorite color for your next vibrant summer manicure, just ask your artist for this mix of colors.

20. Pink And Purple Aura Nails

Speaking of vibrant nails, aura manicure is one of the most popular techniques right now. What’s even more important, it’s made for your tropical vacay.