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23 Early Summer Nails Designs That Will Pick Up Good Vibrations

23 Early Summer Nails Designs That Will Pick Up Good Vibrations

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Summer is around the corner — have you made your mani appointment yet? Pastel colors, bold prints, unique details; welcome the upcoming season of fun and sunshine the right way, with these 23 early summer nails designs!

1. Limoncello Early Summer Nails


Pastel yellow and lemon nail art promise a fresh and sweet design, perfect for in-between season style.

2. Pink Early Summer Nails


It’s common knowledge that pink nails are one of the trends shaking our world right now. Bright, pastel, French mani, 3D details — as long as they’re pink, everything works.

3. Pastel Chrome Nails


Chrome nails are another must-try trend this season, no matter the technique they’re done in. If you want to be a member of the it-girl club, then choose pastel colors for your chrome nails — that’ll keep your mani fresh and bright.

4. Neon Green Early Summer Nails


Reminiscent of the late ’90s and the early ’00s trends, long neon green nails are knocking at our door. As one of the most desirable early summer nails designs, these won’t go unnoticed!

5. Dewdrop Nails


This unique 3D detail design will freshen up your style! Make it more creative by having leaf details drawn underneath the droplets.

6. Geometric French Manicure


We’re far from done with French mani! Try this geometric design in raspberry pink and cream yellow; looks delicious, don’t you agree?

7. Wave Early Summer Nails

A list of early summer nails designs is unimaginable without at least one aquatic-themed style. This artistic manicure reminiscent of the sea in a storm is calling out to you!

8. Pastel Rainbow Manicure


If you want to follow color trends and show off your creative spirit, try the design shown in the pic above. There’s no place for boredom with pastel rainbows drawn in all directions!

9. Floral French Manicure


French tip nails are a versatile trend indeed. Filling the tip with floral art instead of a solid color creates a perfect design for an early summer manicure.

10. Crocodile Skin Nails


Crocodile skin print, mismatched multi-colored nails and French mani are all combined to create a unique design. Photo above proves that croc-skin nails are perfect way to stand out this early summer season.

11. Three-Tone Nails


You’ve heard of two-tone nails, let me introduce you to their improved bestie. Abstract three-tone nails design is a way to show off your fun side, especially if you combine bright colors.

12. Ice Cream Nails


Favorite summer treat on nails — yes, please! This sweet work-of-art nails design will melt your heart like ice cream in the sun (pun intended).

13. Orange Ombre Nails


The ombre technique is back, and orange color promises a lot for this summer. Start the season right with this design reminiscent of a sunset.

14. Textured Animal Print Manicure


Multi-colored pastel base and textured animal print: this early summer nails design is a true blend of styles for the season.

15. Bedazzled Early Summer Nails


If there’s a time of year to go over the top, it’s summer. Get your dazzle on for the beginning of the season with a beige base and rhinestones on two nails.

16. Cotton Candy Early Summer Nails


Early summer is reminiscent of something gentle and sweet — something like a cotton candy nails design! Try not to bite into your adorable mani.

17. Aura Nails


Just like ombre, aura nails are another technique that is here to stay. Try this purple-pink color blend and let it whisper to you about warm evenings at the beach.

18. Gold Foil Manicure


Bring some shine to your nails with some gold foil. Geometric shapes or abstract art, or both — it’s up to you to choose.

19. Peachy Early Summer Nails


Peach is one of the favored colors for early summer nails. You can choose to wear it on its own, as a French tip, in art designs, or combine all of these like in the pic above.

20. Tropical Flower Early Summer Nails


The square shape, two bright colors and a mix of designs make these tropical-themed floral nails a charming choice for girlies who cannot wait for summer to begin!

21. Unicorn Nails


Unicorn nails are an unmistakable early summer nails design. Shimmer and fade of multi-pastel shades is a simple yet magical blend of different styles we’ve seen on this list.

22. Reverse French Manicure


Being one of a kind has never been easier; take the trendy French tip manicure and flip it inside out for the ultimate creative look!

23. Black Floral Nails


Match these cuties to your favorite black floral dress and tell everyone: summer is early this year!