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See You At The Beach With These 20 Sea Nails That Make A Splash

See You At The Beach With These 20 Sea Nails That Make A Splash

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Looking for the perfect vacation manicure? What you need is a fun design that will bring heat and help you get vacation-ready. And that is exactly what these sea nails bring to the table!

1. 3D Sea Shell Nails

I’ll be honest: if you choose this 3D shell nail art, you have to be extra careful at the beach not to ruin it. But you’ll have one of the kind style.

2. Sea French Tips

You’re a fan of classic French manicure but you want to try something new for the summer? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

3. Mermaid Nail Art

Mermaid nail art is the newest viral Tik-Tok trend. If the whole social media has gone mad about it, it is definitely worth a try.

4. Ombre Sea Nails

Ombre nail technique is not only beautiful and appealing; it also makes your nails look longer. And it’s trending more than ever.

5. Palm Trees Sea Nails

Summer vacation is the only chance you get to ask your nail artist for a palm tree-themed manicure. Use it now or never.

6. White Swirls On Blue Base

When you think of sea nails, color blue comes to your mind. But to avoid having boring, one-colored nails, add some white swirls to them.

7. Pearl Shell Sea Nails

You’re looking at the most sophisticated and elegant set of sea nails. The color, the gold jewelry, the shape… everything about it is luxurious.

8. Sea World Nails

Are you brave enough to combine multiple sea world symbols on your nails? If the answer is yes, this is the manicure for you.

9. Multicolored Sea Nails

These multicolored sea nails are made for summer and vacation because they’ll go with every outfit you choose to wear this season.

10. Sparkly Sea Nails

No, sparkles are not reserved for winter and holiday season only. If you’re still not sure about it, this manicure design is here to prove it.

11. Wavy Nail Art

Looking for a professional sea manicure? Ask your artist for this wavy art on short nails.

12. Starfish Sea Nails

These starfish sea nails are fun and girly. Not only that: they will serve you as a mood booster, which is exactly what you need this season.

13. Sea Art On Natural Nails

Sea-shells, sail, water drops, different shades of blue… It sounds like everything perfect sea nails should have.

14. Under The Sea Manicure

No, this set of nails is not Sponge Bob inspired (even though you can add him too). It’s an ideal way to add some coloring to your black base.

15. Baby Blue Sea Nails

Mermaid nail art, sea shells and blue French tips might sound like too much for one manicure style but when you see this inspo pic, you’ll understand they all fit perfectly together.

16. Long Almond Sea Nails

Can a set of nails be high-class and send a baddie vibe at the same time? Absolutely yes and I have pictures to prove it.

17. Dark Blue Sea Nails

Dark blue sea nails with star fish nail art are mysterious but fun and easy going at the same time. Who could stay immune to them?

18. Nude Sea Nails

I know you didn’t expect nude shade and sea nails in the same sentence but here we are. This manicure is all about quiet luxury and old money aesthetic.

19. Lilac Sea Nails

You’re tired of blueish sea nails and want a change? Don’t worry, I’ve got something for you: lilac manicure.

20. Mint Green Sea Nails

Mint green is the shade for spring and summer. If you ask your nail artist for some 3D water drops to go with it, you’ll get an eye-catching set of sea nails as a result.