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20 Must-Have Grapefruit Nails That Are Anything But Sour

20 Must-Have Grapefruit Nails That Are Anything But Sour

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Grapefruit nails are popping up all over social media feeds lately and when you see how cute they are, there is nothing surprising about it. These refreshing manicure ideas are made for summer and you better be ready to embrace these juicy vibes!

1. Grapefruit Nails With French Tips

You’re looking at the most summery set of nails ever. The color, the shade, and the grapefruit art on the ring finger is all you need.

2. Sea Grapefruit Nails

We can’t imagine sea nails without a touch of blue, can we? Don’t worry, it goes great with grapefruit nail art and orange color.

3. Summer Fruity Nails

But why would you stop at grapefruit only? Instead, ask your artist for a manicure full of 3D fruity nail art. Combine grapefruit, watermelon, cherry, and other summer fruit.

4. Orange Grapefruit Nails

Haven’t you heard: orange is the new black! The color is trending this season and that is why you can’t miss out on grapefruit nails in this shade.

5. Hot Pink Nails With Grapefruit Art

Hot pink color is always a good idea for spring and summer, especially if you combine it with grapefruit art. This length and shape are great both for the office and for the pool.

6. Nude And Grapefruit Nails

You’re a fan of nude nails? Well, who isn’t? But at the same time, you want to spice up your basic manicure a bit for the season? This inspo pic is the solution for you.

7. Short Glazed Donut And Grapefruit Nails

The social media is crazy about Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails. But if you want to stand out of the masses while still being trendy, pair them with grapefruit nail art.

8. Purple Grapefruit Nails

I know you’ve been wondering if you can rock grapefruit nails on Summer only. Of course you can wear them all year along! Here’s a pro tip: combine them with a darker base color, such as purple.

9. Lemon And Grapefruit Nails

Lemon and grapefruit go extremely well together. But I’m not talking about the food here, I’m talking about this awesome manicure.

10. Citrus Nails

But why stop there? Why not add other citrus fruit, such as kiwi, orange, pomegranate and so on? I promise you that you’ll have a unique summer manicure as a result.

11. Square Grapefruit Nails

These square grapefruit nails are girly, romantic and juicy. If you’re still not on vacation, keep them medium length.

12. Milky White Grapefruit Nails

Here’s an interesting twist on the classic milky white nails: 3D grapefruit art. Rock these babes on the beac and you’ll be a real rock star.

13. Grapefruit Nails With Glitter Art

If you’re looking for the perfect set of nails to go with your pink glittery dress, you’ve found them. This manicure is great for summer proms or weddings.

14. Short Clean Grapefruit Nails

Yes, you’ve read it right: short clean nails can include nail art as well. You’re looking at a gorgeous set of simple summer nails you’ll fall in love with at first sight.

15. Grapefruit Colors Manicure

This manicure doesn’t have grapefruit art but it certainly does include all the shades of grapefruit. It’s elegant, graceful and goes will with every outfit.

16. Mismatched Grapefruit And Watermelon Nails

Can’t choose between grapefruit and watermelon for your vibrant summer nails? With this mismatched manicure, you won’t have to.

17. Transparent Grapefruit Nails

One thing is for sure: you’ll get all the compliments while wearing these transparent grapefruit nails with 3D art. If you look closely, you’ll see that they contain another summer fruit: grapes.

18. Baby Blue Grapefruit Nails

Wow! Who would have thought that baby blue and transparent grapefruit nails can look this mesmerizing and awe-inspiring?

19. Fizzy Pink Grapefruit Nails

Dive into your Summer Barbie era with extra cute fizzy pink grapefruit nails no one can stay indifferent to. Ask your artists for a couple of water drops for the maximum effect.

20. XL Grapefruit Nails

Do all grapefruit nails have to be cute and girly? Wait, who told you that you can’t add a touch of sassiness to the look? If you don’t believe me, check this inspo pic out.