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22 Easy, Breezy Pool Day Hair Ideas To Dive Into The Water With Style

22 Easy, Breezy Pool Day Hair Ideas To Dive Into The Water With Style

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Who says you can’t look chic and stylish during hot Summer days when you’re hanging by the pool? I get it: the last thing you want is to spend a lot of time doing your hair. But guess what: with these effortless pool day hair ideas, you don’t have to!

1. Beach Waves

The name says it all: beach waves are simply made for outdoor, water. fun activities. The best thing about this style is that it looks great on every hair texture.

2. Low Messy Bun

Messy buns have always been an easy but gorgeous hairstyle for every occasion. For a pool day, I recommend a low messy bun.

3. Dutch Braid Bun

But if you want to upgrade your bun game, and make the style even more appealing, add a Dutch braid to it.

4. Double Dutch Braid Ponytail

Here are some more ways to incorporate the amazing Dutch braid into your pool day hair. If you have longer tresses, go with the messy ponytail instead of a low bun.

5. French Braids

When you think of pool day hair, I know that French braids are the first thing that comes through your mind. This is a universal hairstyle that you can’t go wrong with.

6. Messy Curls

If you have wavy or curly hair, the worst thing you can do for a pool day is to try and straighten your tresses. Instead, go for loose, messy curls to complement your hair texture.

7. Permanent Beach Waves

You want to have this romantic hairdo outside of the pool and beach? Just ask your hairstylist for permanent beach waves that last all summer.

8. Bubble Ponytail

If you want perfect pool day hair, opt for a bubble ponytail! It’s not just gorgeous-looking, it’s also super-easy to make.

9. Curly Updo

If you have naturally curly hair, you don’t have to bother much about your pool day style: just roll up your curls into a messy bun. Don’t forget to leave a couple of strands in the front to frame your face.

10. Claw Clip Updo

Claw-clips were a huge thing back in the ’90s and 2000s. And here is some good news for your inner kid: this hair accessory is back and stronger than ever.

11. High Updo With Flowers For Natural Curly Hair

All you need for this romantic and girly hairdo is a couple of flowery hair accessories. Trust me, they’ll transform your plain curly updo.

12. Claw Clip On Half Up Half Down Hair

Claw clip was popular for a reason: they give you a ton of different hairstyles. This half up, half down hairdo is ideal for a pool day.

13. Front Plaits

Influencers and celebrities are in love with front plaits that make every hairstyle ten times better. They will put the focus to your jawline and cheekbones.

14. XL Dutch Braid

This XL Dutch braid is an awesome pool day hairstyle flattering for all hair textures and types. It will give your tresses volume and the illusion of thickness.

15. Dutch Fishtail Into A Cute Messy Bun

You’re afraid that you’re out of options for a pool day with medium length hair? This inspo pic is here to prove you wrong!

16. Braided Top Knot

Okay, I’ll admit that this braided top know is not the easiest pool day hairdo in the world. But if you have a part you need to look fire at, this should be your go-to style.

17. Crown Braid On Waves

Crown braid can be worn as a bridal hairstyle but if you know how to rock it, you can wear it as pool day hair as well. The best way to rock it is paired with wavy hair.

18. Side Braided Pool Hair

A single braid on the side has the power to transform your entire style in a minute. And the best thing about it is that you can do it all by yourself.

19. Wavy Braided Pool Day Hair

Yes, you can wear your crochet braids swimming and yes, they will last in the water. Just make sure to tell your braider to give you the type of hair that can handle water.

20. Messy Pool Day Hair With Hat

Your hair gets all frizzy and messy when you go out of the pool? Just put on a straw hat and let your tresses dry in the sun.

21. Pool Day Hairstyle With Head Scarf

We’re not done with head accessories. A head scarf will not only protect your hair; it will also make you look cute, especially if you match it with your swimsuit.

22. Space Buns

Space buns are another nostalgic hairstyle from the ’90s that is trending once again. Choose them if you want your hair on point during the whole pool day.