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22 Simple Summer Nails To Obsess Over All Season Long

22 Simple Summer Nails To Obsess Over All Season Long

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In summer, girls just wanna have sun, right? Well, to be exact, they also want a manicure perfect for high tides and good vibes. And that is exactly what these simple summer nails are all about: made for best times and tan lines.

1. Abstract Simple Summer Nails

Just because you’re looking for the perfect simple summer nails, it doesn’t mean your manicure can’t have a touch of art in it. And that’s exactly what these abstract nails are: a piece of art.

2. Sea Shell Art

What says more summer than seashells? Don’t worry, including seashells into your manicure won’t necessarily make it funky and this is a living proof of that.

3. Subtle Floral Summer Nails

Instead of adding big, 3D flowers to your manicure, ask your artist for subtle floral design on top of your short, natural nails.

4. Blue Daisies Simple Summer Nails

How cute are these blue daisies? They keep your manicure suitable for work days but also bring a dash of summer along.

5. Pink And Floral Simple Summer Nails

Pink and floral are a match made in heaven, especially when it comes to nail designs. If you want simple summer nails, ask for this manicure on your naturals.

6. Denim Vibes On Simple Summer Nails

How gorgeous are these subtle baby blue stripes on natural transparent nails. They’re much like denim, which means they go with everything.

7. Color Stripes On Transparent Simple Summer Nails

Speaking of stripes… if you don’t want to stick to one color only, I present you the beautiful simple summer nails with multicolored stripes.

8. Simple Lemon Art On Summer Nails

Lemon symbols and art are one of the biggest hits when it comes to summer and spring nails. Allow yourself to be in-vogue with this style.

9. Minimalistic Lilac Summer Nails

These minimalistic simple lilac summer nails are everything but boring. In fact, you can rock them at prom or a wedding and everyone will be stunned.

10. Simple Pastel French Summer Nails

The beauty of this pastel French manicure is that it can be barely seen but it’s still there and makes your nails ten times more interesting.

11. Simple Nude Summer Nails

What if you don’t like experimenting with colors even though it’s summer? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this simple nude set.

12. Short Multicolored Side French Summer Nails

Yes, you’ve read it right. You can incorporate almost all shades of the rainbow and still have a simple summer manicure.

13. Simple Mint Summer Nails

Mint green nails are girly but not in an ordinary way. Combine them with a French tip on your middle finger and some flower art on your ring finger.

14. Simple Orange Summer Nails

Haven’t you heard? Orange is the new black! But instead of asking your nail artist for a neon shade of orange, go with this inspo pic if you want simple summer nails.

15. Lemon French Tips Manicure

Haven’t I told you that lemon is the “it” design of the season? Well, there is more than that: lemon yellow is one of the most popular shades for summer nails.

16. Simple Blush Summer Nails

You want your summer nails to be pink but not too pink? Don’t worry, I understand the struggle. And that’s why I bring you this simple blush summer manicure.

17. Mint Heart Art On Simple Summer Nails

Do mint green and baby pink go well together? Well, I won’t be answering that. It will be enough for you to check out this inspo pic and see it for yourself.

18. Simple Watermelon Summer Nails

Watermelon screams summer. But with this design, you won’t get a set of eye-catching nails only. The best thing about this man is that you can do it yourself.

19. Glazed Donut Summer Nails

The world has gone crazy for Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails. And so will you, the moment you try this viral mani trend.

20. Simple Wedding Summer Nails

Here’s a piece of advice: if you’re choosing the ideal set of nails for your big day, don’t go over the top. Instead, choose a simple manicure.

21. Pink Florals On Short Almond Nails

Looking for ways to spice up your short almond nails? You’ve just found it. Just ask your manicure for pink gel and some floral art.

22. Simple Glitter Summer Nails

Guess what: glitter is not reserved for the holiday season only. In fact, you can wear it all season long if you pair it right.