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20 Gold Prom Makeup Looks That Boast Glamour And Elegance

20 Gold Prom Makeup Looks That Boast Glamour And Elegance

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Let me start by saying this, choosing gold prom makeup is definitely the right choice! These shimmery looks radiate elegance and glamour and will make you the star of the night.

The makeup ideas below range from subtle golden looks to bold and shimmery forms. Gold makeup flatters everyone and can make your eyes sparkle so magically.

1. Shimmery Glam Golden Makeup

This special night deserves the most special makeup, like this one. It’ll elevate and add a luxurious touch to your prom look.

2. Softly Toned Golden Glam

If you’re a minimalist and choose a more subtle kind of makeup, then this look is for you. The golden shadow is blended so gently for that natural look, and this gold highlight on the cheeks makes this look so sophisticated.

3. Golden Eyes With Nude Lips

Gold eyeshadow and nude lipstick are a match made in heaven! This makeup look compliments every complexion.

4. Gold Foxy Eyes

This golden foxy look is bold, fierce, and captivating. The winged eyeliner enhances the eyes and creates a sloped shape that provides the illusion of bigger eyes.

5. Soft Gold Smokey Eyes

If you consider your eyes your most eminent facial features, you can accentuate them with a nice and soft gold smokey eye makeup.

6. Full Gold Smokey

Choose this hard golden smokey makeup if you want to make your eyes pop and bring them to the real spotlight. However, if you have small eyes, don’t go too dark because it can only make your eyes look even smaller.

7. Gold Espresso Makeup

Combine the richness of brownish-espresso tones with the shimmery gold shade and you’ll get this amazing golden espresso makeup. It’s an alluring look that suits most skin types and flatters brown eyes particularly.

8. Gold Natural-Looking Makeup

This radiant glow is absolutely everything. This soft golden makeup is enough to accentuate your best features and give your skin this shimmery, sun-kissed look.

9. Shiny Gold Eyeshadow And Red Lipstick

If you’re a fan of red lipstick, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your golden prom makeup. It creates a lovely contrast to the gold shadow and makes a hell of a bold prom look.

10. Glittery Gold Eyes Makeup Look

The glittery eyes look stunning, but this brown lipstick makes this makeup look cool and elegant. These lips were a huge trend in the 90s, and we’re so glad they found their way back into fashion.

11. Golden Face Gems

Here is a glamorous makeup idea you can totally pull off for your prom night. The placement of these cute adornments is totally up to you.

12. Gold Leaf Eye Makeup

This look totally gives off those Greek goddess vibes. This golden leaf eye makeup will elevate your prom look and make everyone notice your beautiful eyes.

13. Gold Y2K Prom Makeup

The shimmery, dark makeup has defined the 2000s era, and it’s becoming popular again! If you want to add a modern flair to this Y2K look, add a pinkish blush on the cheeks.

14. Gold All Around Eyes

This golden shadow around the eyes forms a definition and adds a subtle dimension to them. It’s definitely a great choice to enhance and make your eyes pop.

15. Gold Shadow With Graphic Eyeliner

The bold and fearless graphic liner makeup looks are slaying the trending. This way, you’ll make your eyes the focus of your entire look.

16. Gold-Black Combo

This golden prom makeup gives off gothic vibes. It’s a fantastic look for ladies who like dark makeup, and the black lips definitely elevate and make the entire look more unique.

17. Champagne Gold Makeup

This warm-toned, sophisticated golden makeup look compliments women with light to medium complexions. The radiant glow this makeup gives off is perfect for special occasions like prom.

18. Gold Shadow With Blue Eyeliner

Gold shadow will highlight your eyes, but if you really want to make this facial feature pop, add blue eyeliner. It may sound like an odd combo, but that contrast creates such a stunning and dazzling look.

19. Rose Gold Prom Makeup

This rose gold makeup is for those wanting to achieve a more gentle and romantic makeup look. This nude lipstick color pairs so amazingly with the rose gold shadow.

20. Dramatic Gold Cat Eyes

The cat eye is one of those eye makeup trends that will always be fashionable. It’s a dramatic makeup look that can create the appearance of larger eyes and boost your confidence level.