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20 Dark And Enchanting Clean Goth Makeup Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

20 Dark And Enchanting Clean Goth Makeup Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

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Clean goth makeup is all about embracing your inner dark side with a fresh, modern twist. It combines two in-vogue trends: clean girl aesthetic and goth vibe. The best way to describe this style is extravagant simplicity.

1. Blue Lipstick Clean Goth Makeup

The only thing you need to achieve this look is this gorgeous metallic blue lipstick. Keep the focus on the lips and don’t go over the top with the rest of your makeup.

2. Floral Clean Goth Makeup

I know what you must think: floral elements and goth aesthetic can’t possibly go hand in hand. Well, that is where you’re wrong and this inspo pic proves it!

3. Spring Clean Goth Makeup

Spring is the ideal season for a clean goth makeup look. Bring some sunshine into your eyes with subtle yellow eyeshadow!

4. Clean Goth Bridal Makeup

Who told you you can’t embrace your aesthetic on your big day? Be a unique bride your guests have never seen before with this makeup look.

5. Nude Goth

Yes, you’ve read it right: nude and goth can go hand in hand. Not only that: this combo looks extraordinary!

5. Blurry Eyeshadow

Are you brave enough to rock this blurry eyeshadow? Pick a natural color and put all the focus on your eyes.

6. Lip Gloss And Blush Clean Goth Makeup

I know what you must think: lip gloss and blush are reserved for Princess-like makeup. Well, with clean goth makeup, you can now incorporate it into your mysterious aesthetic.

7. Purple Clean Goth Makeup

Purple is the perfect goth color, no one can argue against that. Don’t forget to add eyeliner and fake eyelashes to the bunch!

8. Green, Violet And Black Clean Goth Makeup

Goth makeup can be colorful. To be exact, clean goth makeup can be colorful. If you don’t believe me, take a closer look at this inspo pic.

9. Clean Eyeliner Goth Makeup

What kind of a goth girl would you be if you weren’t in love with black eyeliner? But for clean goth aesthetic, pair it with nude lipstick and stay off eyeshadow.

10. Ombre Black Lips

Trust me, you don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to pull these black ombre lips off. All you need is a black lip liner and a lighter shade of lipstick.

11. Earthy Tones And Big Eyelashes

Let’s face it: huge, fake eyelashes are what makes this look goth. At the same time, earthy tones and neutral lip gloss turn it into clean girl aesthetic.

12. Glittery Clean Goth Makeup

The key to achieving this look is perfectly blending green and blue eyeshadows with black eyeliner. And of course, don’t forget white eyebrows.

13. Y2K Clean Goth Makeup

Y2K aesthetic is having a comeback and emo Y2K makeup is an essential part of it. If you were an alt girl in the early 2000s, this look is made for you.

14. Black Lipstick

Black lipstick is the trademark of goth makeup. Pair it with subtle eyelashes and reddish-brown eyeshadow.

15. Smoky Eyes Clean Goth Makeup

Is it really possible to have it all in one look: smoky eyes, clean girl aesthetic and goth vibe? Absolutely yes, if you know what you’re doing. And this inspo pic might help you achieve it!

16. Black Winged Eyeliner And Nude Lips

If you are a real goth girl, you have to know how to nail the winged eyeliner look. It will add intensity to your eyes and make them pop.

17. Blue Eyeliner

Speaking of ways to accentuate your eyes while staying true to your clean got vibe… If you have light eyes, all you need is a carefully painted blue eyeliner.

18. All Black Everything Clean Goth Makeup

The key to achieving this look is not in black lipstick and black eye makeup. It’s in creating a doll-like look with a foundation a couple of shades lighter than your natural skin tone.

19. Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows have the power to reinvent your entire face shape and give you a badass appearance, especially if you combine it with this appealing eyeshadow and neutral lipstick.

20. Soft Goth Makeup

This soft goth makeup look is edgy, rebellious and sophisticated at the same time. The ombre lipstick is responsible for amping up the drama!