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These 20 Spring Red Hair Color Trends Are Jolting Us Out Of Hibernation

These 20 Spring Red Hair Color Trends Are Jolting Us Out Of Hibernation

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Red hues are always a head-turning choice for when you’re feeling bold or just want to enhance your natural shade. And what better time to do so then the new season? So, read on and find the hottest spring red hair color trends for your skin tone!

1. Dark Red Spring Hair

It’s time to let that inner fire out! And what better way than dark red hair? The only question is if you’re brave enough to pull this hair color off.

2. Cherry Cola

Cherry cola red hair is perfect for spring and to be honest, for every other season. This shade has been trending for a while now and this is the sign to go for it.

3. Dark Cherry

Let me tell you something: dark cherry hue looks even more fabulous under the sun. And spring is the perfect time to let it shine.

4. Wine Red Spring Hair Color

Don’t be fooled by the misconception that wine red hair is made for fall or winter only. I promise you it looks awesome in spring as well.

5. Ginger Balayage

One thing is for sure: if you opt for ginger balayage, everyone will want to copy your hairstyle. Combine it with curls or waves.

6. Spring Red Hair With Pink Money Piece

Red hair is not enough for you? Add some funkiness to the equation. If it’s spring, the best option is this beautiful pink money piece.

7. Berry Red

The best thing about berry red spring hair color is that it looks awesome on every skin tone. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

8. Ariel Spring Red Hair

I have to be honest with you and tell you that Ariel spring red hair is not the easiest hue to maintain. But if you’ll end up looking like this, all the effort is definitely worth it.

9. Foxy Red

Foxy red spring hair will give you just the right amount of sexiness while allowing you to look sophisticated and elegant.

10. Vibrant Spring Red Hair Color

Spring should be all about vibrant hues. Will this shade wash out quickly? Yes. Does it require frequent retouches? Yes. Will you look your best? Also yes.

11. Lived In Ginger Red

This lived-in ginger red spring hair color will give you an elegant, luxurious look. If you’re going for an expensive-looking style, this is the way to do it.

12. Spring Red Hair Color With Blonde Underdye

Can’t decide between red and blonde for the spring? Who says you have to? Get the both from both worlds and pair the two hues.

13. Copper Face Frames

These copper face frames look gorgeous when combined with all brown and red base colors. Not only that: they will also put focus on your pretty face.

14. Spring Red Hair Color With Black Roots

If you want to avoid frequent hair salon visits, ask your colorist to give you a spring red hair color with black roots. This way, you’ll avoid looking untidy and will have a fresh looking hairstyle all the time.

15. Velvet Red

Velvet spring red hair color has it all. It’s the ideal blend of red, violet, maroon and burgundy. It sounds eye-catching, doesn’t it? Well, it looks even better.

16. Classic Copper Red

Let’s continue with copper shades. This classic copper hair color is a timeless classic for a reason. It will give your hair a dash of elegance while making you look more attractive than ever.

17. Fiery Spring Red Hair Color

Wow! Can anyone stay immune on this fiery spring red hair color? I assure you not! If you don’t believe me, go out there and test it out.

18. Cranberry Red

Cranberry red is ideal for the spring season. It’s attention-grabbing, striking, and breathtaking. And it will get you all the attention you want.

19. Cowboy Copper

If you’ve been scrolling through social media, you couldn’t have missed how viral cowboy copper has been lately. What are you still waiting for to consider this hue?

20. Ginger Spring Red Hair

This ginger spring red hair whispers old money. It will give you a lady-like look everyone will be impressed with.