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These 20 Emerald Green Prom Makeup Ideas Will Unlock Your Glam Look

These 20 Emerald Green Prom Makeup Ideas Will Unlock Your Glam Look

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Are you ready to make everyone green of jealousy on your big night? The best way to do so and outshine all the other girls is to pick one of these enchanting emerald green prom makeup ideas.

Emerald Green Eyeshadow

I know what you must think: emerald green eyeshadow goes well with green eyes only. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Of course, this shade is flattering for all of my green-eyed prom Queens, but they’re not the only ones who can rock it. In fact, everyone can pull off an emerald green eyeshadow makeup look but girls with brown, hazel, black, yellowish or even blue eyes will look absolutely gorgeous while wearing it.

Emerald Green Eyeliner

Do you want to spice up your prom makeup look without going over the edge? I have a solution for you: emerald green eyeliner. It looks subtle and elegant while adding a dash of funkiness to your style. Most importantly, if you (or your MUA) apply the eyeliner the right way, it can visually change the shape of your eyes, elongating them or making them look bigger. You can pair this makeup with literally every shade of lipstick, but nude hues would probably be the most appealing choice.

Emerald Green Makeup Art

Hold on! Before we proceed, let me tell you one thing: emerald green makeup art is for the brave only. If you’re not skilled in doing your own makeup, but like one of these looks, I strongly suggest you to show the inspo pic to a professional make up artist. Either of these emerald green prom makeup ideas is funky, edgy and bold. But, at the same time, it’s real art. One thing is sure: it will surely get you noticed. However, if you think you can deal with this kind of undivided attention, please don’t hesitate and go for it.

Emerald Green Cut Crease

If have hooded eyes, you need a prom makeup idea that will totally transform your eyes’ shape and give them definition. Yes, you’ve understood it right: there is no need to be afraid to accentuate your eyes. On the contrary, this is your big night and it requires an even bigger change. Well, that change is called a cut crease. Or to be exact, an emerald green cut crease which will add the necessary depth to your eyelid and give them a lifted look.

Emerald Green Glitter

Who said that glitter makeup is reserved for holidays only? If you thought this, here are some emerald green glitter prom makeup ideas to prove you wrong. Each one of these makeup ideas will make you look and feel like a real life Princess who just got out of her carriage. You can go all the way in and ask your MUA to add rhinestones to your eyelids or be more subtle and ask for glittery emerald green eyeshadow. Either way, you’ll get the desired effect: all eyes will be on you!

Emerald Green Smoky Eyes

You’re a fan of smoky eyes? Silly me for even asking that. I mean, who isn’t? But at the same time, you want to avoid blending into the masses and going with a classic smoky eyes makeup? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. The solution is emerald green smoky eyes. This makeup will give you an elegant look nobody will stay indifferent to. And it will draw the focus to your gorgeous eyes. Combine this eye makeup with a neutral, nude lipstick or lip gloss shade.

Emerald Green Lipstick

Don’t worry, emerald green makeup art is not the only way to be the center of attention on your prom night. I have something even better for you: emerald green lipstick. One thing is for sure: it will give you a badassy and sassy look everyone will want to copy. If you choose to go with this makeup idea, I strongly suggest going simple with your hairstyle because you want all the attention to be directed towards your face. You can either wear a simple eye makeup or accentuate them as well; the choice is all yours.