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21 Spring Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Glow This Season

21 Spring Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Glow This Season

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Spring is the season of rebirth, growth, and transformation. It’s the perfect time for changes; this time, let’s start with our hair.

This year’s top trending spring hair color trends go all the way from some bright blonde shades to some amazing pink, copper, and purple hues. Don’t think I’ve left brunettes out this spring because we’re bringing you some stunning dark tones you’ll be dying for this season.

1. Pink Hair

Try to look at life through your pink strands this spring. The most popular pink hues this season will be peachy and pastel.

2. Baby Blonde

If you have paler skin, this shade of blonde will look amazing. It’s a stunning but delicate blonde hue that needs careful care and often retouchings.

3. Mushroom Brown Hair

The trendy mushroom brown will refresh your dark hair and make it look shiny after the cold winter weather. Among the stunning looks, its low maintenance is one of the biggest advantages of this earthy brunette shade.

4. Purple Hair

This purple spring hair color is perfect for bold women who like to make a statement with their hair. Of course, washing the hair with tinted conditioners is an absolute MUST if you want to keep the vibrant color.

5. Vanilla Blonde

This warm, bright blonde shade brings softness and balance to some facial features. It looks flattering on women with warm complexions.

6. Rose Brown Hair

This is one of the most beautiful brunette shades I’ve ever seen, and it totally became a part of my wish list. It involves a dark brunette base and rose tones placed carefully throughout the hair.

7. Bright Beige Balayage

Here is a very chic and feminine look. It is the perfect solution for all who still aren’t ready to go full-blonde. You’ll get that attractive blonde look without the need to worry about those dark roots showing through.

8. Cranberry Red

Cranberry red is a muted red shade with a ruby undertone and suits women with darker complexion. Also, this red hue makes the hazel and dark brown eyes pop.

9. Chunky Highlights

I’m so glad this Y2K hair trend made its comeback this spring. This highlighting technique features thick, bold streaks of color in the hair and creates a very playful and stylish look. 

10. Soft Caramel Brown

This brunette hue is a mix of brown and golden blonde shades. It’s a great hue for all the brunettes who want to lighten their dark hair this spring.

11. Sunkissed Blonde

This blonde hue screams that summer is just around the corner, and it’s one of the reasons we like it so much. It matches medium skin tones wonderfully.

12. Apricot Bronde

The apricot bronde color is perfect for all the indecisive women still standing between brunette and blonde hair.

13. Milk Tea Ashy Ombre

Here is one of the most delicate and warm ashy shades. It enriches your hair with dimension, making it appear more shiny and healthy.

14. Strawberry Blonde

The strawberry blonde hue is definitely the hair color that will dominate this spring. It compliments all skin tones and looks great on all hair types and lengths.

15. Buttercream Blonde

If you’re considering going over to the light blondies side, here is a gorgeous shade you simply can’t miss!

16. Peekaboo Highlights

For a quirkier and more unique look, try peekaboo highlights. Pay attention to your base color and try to choose a contrasting but complementing color for your hidden highlights, and you’ll get a fun and sassy look.

17. Hazelnut Mocha

This deep shade of brown has a multidimensional effect that makes your hair appear more voluminous and fuller.

18. Auburn Hair

If you want to make a drastic hair color change but still get natural-looking hair, the auburn tone should be your choice! It’s one of the most versatile red hues because it flatters all skin tones.

19. Watermelon Pink

Another pink hue that will be dominating trending this spring. It’s a vibrant hue that gives you a cool and attractive look. However, it demands high maintenance and is the shade that fades very fast, which are huge cons.

20. Hair Frosting

Hair frosting is a technique that involves free-hand painted highlights on the surface of the hair and must be done only by a professional. You get very low-maintenance highlights that add dimension to your hair and make it look more lively.

21. Ginger Copper

This gorgeous copper shade compliments most skin tones and looks incredibly flattering on long hair. To keep the color fresh and vibrant, wash your hair with cold water and use appropriate shampoos for colored hair.