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Sea-Sational Aqua Makeup Look Ideas For A Luminous Glow

Sea-Sational Aqua Makeup Look Ideas For A Luminous Glow

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You want to create that wonderful and dreamy, ocean-inspired look? Stay with me because I’m bringing you the most powerful aqua makeup look ideas you can easily copy.

It’s definitely not makeup for every day, but it’s most surely the one that will make you look glamorous. It will make your eyes pop and turn heads wherever you go.

The Aqua Mermaid Look

If you want to feel those mermaid vibes or need makeup to complement your little mermaid Halloween costume, look no further. This kind of makeup will surely grab everyone’s attention, and you’ll look like a true sea fairy.

The mermaid aqua makeup features glittery blue eye shadow that can also be paired with the green color. Adding a few of these gems and crystals will create that dreamy look. When it comes to the lips, a simple gloss or nude lipstick is enough.

Under The Sea Aqua Makeup

The ethereal vibes of this makeup look simply give me chills. They really flatter blue and green eyes, but as you can see, you can pair them with brown eyes and get that wow effect.

The under-the-sea aqua makeup look focuses on darker shades of blue and green. You can add some metallic or brown shades for a more dramatic vibe. Do the lips with darker, brownish lipsticks.

Ocean Sunset Aqua Makeup

If you want to incorporate other colors in your eye makeup, you should focus on this look. It’s also a glamorous and stunning look for modern-day chic women.

The pinpoint of this ocean sunset look is exactly the warm sunset shades that are combined with blue and green shadows. Because of the dramatic eye makeup, a simple glossy lipstick will be enough to finish this look.

The Tropical Aqua Makeup

Here is a more playful aqua look that features more colors. The eye makeup is more vivid and vibrant, and it’s definitely a perfect look for those who like to put the spotlight on their eyes.

This makeup involves shades of orange, yellow, green, and blue to create that tropical look. Leave the lips in natural tones so you don’t want to overdo your makeup.

The Powerful Aqua Liner

With this aqua makeup look, you can experiment and play with eye shadows as much as you want. Blue eyeliner is the basis of this makeup, and it’s important to apply it in a thick layer.

This is a perfect look for those who prefer more neutral and simple makeup, but also like to emphasize their eyes.

The Iconic Aqua Lips

Finally, it’s time to put the lips at the center of attention. You can keep the eyes neutral because these aqua lips are more than enough for a stunning makeup look.

Use vibrant blue or green lipstick to make your lips pop. For a fuller lip look, use a blue or dark liner and overline lips, then apply lipstick and blend it together to get the fuller lips effect.