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25 April Nails That Are Totally Vibing With This Spring Month 

25 April Nails That Are Totally Vibing With This Spring Month 

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Ready to jump into the flowery spring season? These April nails are a perfect way to honor that season full of nature’s delights. 

They’re bright, vibrant, colorful, abstract, creative, and super fun. Choose your fav design and let your nails attract only positive vibes and energy this April!

1. A Pocketful Of Sunshine 

These nails are telling: the spring is here, and the sun is finally up! As simple as they seem, these nails definitely pack quite a punch.

2. Yellow Daisy Nails

Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. They’re simple but also elegant and classy, just like this nail design!

3. Pastel Rainbow

Pastel hues are reserved for the spring and summer months. This rainbow look featuring every nail polished in different pastel colors is trendy and super stylish.

4. April French

For all the French manicure lovers, here is the April twist on the classic French mani. They’re way cuter and chic than the classic French mani.

5. Butterfly Nails

Say hello to spring with this bright shade of blue color and hand-painted butterflies. We should honor them, too, as butterflies are also one of the first signs of spring.

6. Bloomin’ Into Spring

Here is one of the cutest April nail designs you’ll find. The blossoming flower power really has the power to boost our mood.

7. Sunflower Beauties

Here is a truly Instagram-worthy nail idea, don’t you agree? The dainty aesthetic of this design makes these nails perfect for any occasion.

8. Amazing 3D Floral Art

One thing we can tell for sure about these nails is that they’re painted with passion. This manicurist understood their assignment for real and created the most beautiful 3D April nail art.

9. Colorful Double French

Let’s dip into those 90s vibes with this vibrant double French mani. The colorful design of these April beauties is simply too cool and trendy not to try.

10. Pastel Blush

The simple aesthetic of these nails simply makes me blush. They are suitable for every nail shape and will go lovely with every outfit and any occasion.

11. Lemon Nails

When life gives you lemons… You make the cutest lemon nail art ever! Also, this yellow hue will totally be all over the trending this April.

12. Colorful Dotties

These colorful dots really create a very interesting and playful look. These dotty manicures are always eye-catching—and this design is definitely no exception. 

13. Bow Frenchies

There is no single woman who doesn’t like the bow nail design. To respect the colorful April-spring vibes, paint every bow in a different color.

14. Peeps Nails

For all the peeps lovers, here is a nail idea you’ll become obsessed with! These marshmallow candies are popular, especially around this time of the year, and this design can surely serve as great Easter nail inspo.

15. Pink French Cherries

The lovely cherry Frenchies are a great way to welcome the spring season. These nails look sophisticated and stylish and will look great on you no matter what you wear.

16. Rainbows And Clovers

Here is so vibrant and colorful design, and I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s the perfect way to express your playful nature and bring some colors into your life.

17. Dragonfly Nail Art

All over the world, dragonflies stand as the symbol of change. And this time of the year is the time of change. If you’re ready to embrace some changes, start by embracing this lovely nail art.

18. Watermelons

Let your mani be as sweet and refreshing as a watermelon. The colors and design are perfect for warm weather and sunny spring days.

19. Easter Nails

Easter always falls around April, and it’s time to find a manicure devoted to this holiday. If you’re a nail art minimalist, you’ll totally fall for these spring-toned Frenchies with this cutest bunny and chicken design.

20. Multicolor Abstract

You can always experiment and let your creative nature out with these abstract nail designs. The final result will always be the same: a cool, eye-catching, and unique look.

21. Happy Vibes

These vibrant nails practically scream spring. It is time to hop into the happy springtime mood and leave those dark, cold emotions and vibes behind.

22. Sunset Ombre

These feminine hues are definitely perfect shades for springtime. The gradient, gently blended sunset ombre creates a stunning and mesmerizing look.

23. Kiwi Nails

Even if you aren’t a fan of kiwi fruits, you won’t be able to resist these adorable nails. The green hue is perfect for this season, and this Kiwi art is extra sweet.

24. Mix And Match Blues

Mix-and-match nails are always a way to elevate your manicure. Choose a gentle spring shade and motives connected to this season, and you’ll create a perfect April mani!

25. Vivid Swirls

Every time you wish for a playful and unique mani, go with swirls. They always create fun designs that are perfect for every occasion.