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20 Beach Makeup Ideas For Tropical Vibes And Sunny Skies

20 Beach Makeup Ideas For Tropical Vibes And Sunny Skies

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Guess what: you don’t have to compromise on looking spotless while on vacation. The only thing you need to look effortlessly fabulous are these beach makeup ideas. Let’s dive into them to achieve a flawless style.

1. Purple Beach Makeup

Don’t worry, purple beach makeup doesn’t include a lot of heavy product, as it might sound. On the contrary, just put a bit of chromatic eyeshadow and you’re good to go.

2. Beach Makeup Transformation

The next time you think that beach makeup makes no difference and that is practically the same as wearing no makeup at all, just take another look at this transformation.

3. Beach Makeup With Orange Tones

I’ll be honest and tell you that this look is probably not suited for diving but if you’re going on a dinner at a beach or at a beach party, it should be your go-to style.

4. Red Beach Makeup

I know what you must think: red lipstick is a big no, no when it comes to the beach. But I’m sure that you’ll change your mind once you see this inspo pic.

5. Beach Makeup With Earthy Tones

Just look at what a huge difference a bit of bronzer, lipstick and eyeshadow can make. You’re not wearing too much makeup, but it’s still more enough to make you look fresher than ever.

6. Beach Makeup With Freckles

Freckles are a huge hit right now. So instead of hiding them with layers of foundation, make them the center of your beach makeup look.

7. Beach Makeup With Eyeliner

Yes, you’ve heard it right. If you’re a fan of eyeliner, you can make it a part of your beach makeup; just make sure to choose waterproof eyeliner.

8. Beach Makeup With Big Eyelashes

Don’t go over the top with mega Russian volume eyelashes before the vacation. Instead, ask your artist for a more natural look.

9. Beach Makeup With Bronzer

The right amount and the right shade of bronzer, a rose nude lip gloss and big eyelashes is all you need for the perfect beach makeup look.

10. Beach Makeup With Nude Lips

Sometimes, all you need is to accentuate your lips to completely transform your entire look. I highly recommend you do it with a subtle nude shade of lipstick.

11. Beach Makeup For Light Skinned Blondes

If you’re a light-skinned blonde haired girl with light eyes, don’t go over the top with your beach makeup. Instead, go for a romantic, subtle look to accentuate your beauty.

12. No Makeup Beach Makeup

Speaking of makeup looks that will accentuate your natural beauty… With this look, everyone will be convinced that you’re wearing no makeup at all.

13. Beach Makeup With Rhinestones

On the other hand, if you really want to impress the whole beach, adding a couple of rhinestones to your cheekbones will do the trick. Make sure to use face glue!

14. Red Eyeshadow Beach Makeup

Wow! How impressive is this red eyeshadow beach makeup look? If you go with this shade on the lids, combine it with nude lips.

15. Glowy Beach Makeup

A glowy beach makeup look will make you look fresher and younger than ever. The trick is the right amount of highlighter on all the right places.

16. Aquatastic Beach Makeup

Let’s be real: this aquatastic funky makeup is not swimming appropriate. But if you’re attending a beach party, it’s the way to go.

17. Beach Makeup With Blush

The key product that differentiates these two photos is actually blush, and of course, concealer under the eyes. These two combined will give you the glow you need.

18. Seashell Beach Makeup

How does applying actual seashells on your face as a part of your makeup sound? Well, whatever you think of it, you’ll absolutely love it after you’ve seen this inspo pic.

19. Rose Gold Beach Makeup

Rose gold beach makeup is for when you want a romantic, girly, gentle look. It’s especially flattering for my blond girlies.

20. Beach Makeup With Laminated Brows

Laminated brows are still trending all over social media. And sometimes, they’re the only thing you need for a cute beach look.