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17 Outstanding Nail Colors That Make You Look Tan

17 Outstanding Nail Colors That Make You Look Tan

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A good and vibrant summer mani is always a good way to fake a tan. The key is to choose the right colors that will boost the glowiness of your skin and instantly make you look more tanned.

I’ve rounded up these trendy nail colors that make you look tan, and your only job is to choose the one you like and see for yourself that I’m telling the truth. Let these summer nails do their magic. ✨

1. Pale Pink Nails

Even though this is such a delicate hue, it helps bring out the warmth of your complexion. In other words, a pale skin mani will enhance your natural tan.

2. Salted Caramel Nails

Besides this being such an elegant and sophisticated design, this hue is versatile and compliments every skin tone. Salted caramel nails will accentuate the natural golden glow of your skin.

3. Gold Nails

Gold is a very energetic color. Its magical, shiny reflection will compliment your skin’s natural glow. Of course, you can experiment with different designs as long as the gold color covers the majority of your manicure.

4. Amber Nails

On the color wheel, the amber shade is located between yellow and orange. This earthy tone flatters especially women with natural warm-toned complexions.

5. Rose Gold Nails

This rose gold shade has a fashionable edge and adds a stylish and classy touch to every outfit. The warmth of this hue will make your skin look tan and radiant, even if it’s not.

6. Creamy Peach Nails

The creamy peach shade is one of the most gentle and delicate summer nail colors. It’ll compliment your sun-kissed skin so perfectly!

7. Coral Nails

This hue is a bit brighter than the previous one. This way, you’ll get this beautiful pop of color on your nails and the impression of tanned skin you’re longing for.

8. Tangerine Nails

This is the most vibrant orange hue so far, and it also has the magical power to make your skin look more tanned. The juiciness of this shade will make your skin appear bronzed and glowing.

9. Coconut White Nails

If you’re looking for a nail color that will magically boost your tan, this is surely the one. Another advantage of this shade is that it elongates your fingers and instantly makes them look thinner.

10. Bright Yellow Nails

Aside from being the most stunning and trendy summer nail color, the bright yellow creates the illusion of a golden tan. Choose this shade and get your nails summer-ready.

11. Mustard Nails

This is a great choice for those who aren’t fans of vibrant shades like the previous one. This mustard yellow hue mimics the look of tanned skin and gives your nails those cheerful summery vibes.

12. Turquoise Nails

This fun turquoise mani will make you look like a tanned goddess! It’s a refreshing hue that will make your tan pop.

13. Olive Nails

Just look how nicely this olive green hue shows off her lovely glow. Besides, this is one of those nail colors that work all year round.

14. Sapphire Blue Nails

Sapphire blue has been one of the most popular nail colors for a while now, and this summer is the perfect time for you to try it. Besides creating that false tan, this blue shade can also make your fingers appear thinner.

15. Teal Nails

Combining the refreshing green and calming blue colors gives us this amazing teal shade. It’s definitely a great choice to enhance your summertime skin glow.

16. Royal Purple Nails

Even though it’s better to avoid darker nail tones if you want to look tan, this royal purple hue is an exception. The striking contrast it creates with your skin makes your complexion look even more radiant.

17. Plum Nails

This sophisticated purple shade compliments tanned skin perfectly. However, if you still didn’t get the tanned skin result you’re hoping for, the plum hue can create the impression of tanned skin because of the contrast it’ll make with your complexion.