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Unleash Your Inner Diva With These Lovely 25 Purple Nails

Unleash Your Inner Diva With These Lovely 25 Purple Nails

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Some people say that purple is the new black. Unfortunately, I can’t agree with it because it’s even better. It has quite a wide range of warm and cool shades, works pretty well with other colors, and goes extraordinary with everything.

Embrace the amazing energy this color has to offer with the sweetest purple nails I gathered for you below.

1. Marbled Purple Design

Although the marble pattern is always so classy and sophisticated, be honest, have you ever seen more gorgeous marble nails than these purple ones? They’re definitely my choice for the next mani.

2. Purple Spring Mani

Purple is the color spring deserves to be welcomed with. The charming design of these cute purple flowers makes my heart melt.

3. Purple V-Day Nails

Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be red or pink. Purple is the color of love, too, and these purple nails make one of the most romantic manicures you’ll ever see.

4. Purple With Gold Stars

If you like to decorate your nails with simple but effective details, this design is for you. Besides, this purple-gold match is the most perfect combination ever.

5. Purple Mermaid Nails

If you like unique and unusual designs, check out these 3D mermaid nails. Brace yourself for compliments from strangers, because the mesmerizing look of these nails will amaze everyone.

6. Gradient Purple Chrome Nails

These gradient designs always radiate sophisticated vibes. You can wear this classic mani every day, but you can also rock it for special events and occasions.

7. Purple Nights

If you choose this design, be ready to rake in compliments on your nails. The magical look of this gorgeous creation will make your nail the center of attention wherever you go.

8. Purple Mix And Match Set

This is the cutest mix-and-match set you’ll see. The prettiest purple shades and the cutest details will immediately boost your mood.

9. Simple Purple Chrome Design

These purple chrome nails are so simple yet so eye-catching. The shiny look this chrome effect creates definitely gives a glam and shimmery touch to the design.

10. Dreamy Purple Design

These dreamy designs featuring cloud nail art are always stylish. This mood-boosting creation is super wearable and will go great with any outfit.

11. Purple And Blue Swirls

The combination of these two colors makes a perfect match. This fun, vibrant mani is perfect for hot summer days.

12. Dark Purple Aura Nails

These nails are also called ‘The Vampire’ nails, and they have become quite a trend. The trend focuses on choosing the perfect color blend instead of the design.

13. Purple Nails With Daisy

One of the many reasons I love summer and spring is because we can get so creative and colorful with our manis. These daisies on purple nails not only look super cute, but they’ll also go great with all of your summer outfits.

14. Lavender & Bees Nails

Even if you’re afraid or simply don’t like bees, I’m sure you’ll love this design. It’s such an eye-catching design, and this shade of purple wraps it all up in the most wonderful way possible.

15. Vertical Purple Ombre

This is a fun way to do ombre nails. Blending the colors vertically creates a unique look and gives your nails an elongating effect.

16. Super Deep Purple Tone

If you’re looking for a purple shade that looks good in winter and fall, you’ve just found it! This deep purple shade has some kind of mysterious vibe and really looks amazing on everyone.

17. Elegant Gradient Purple Nails With Swirls

Gradient nails always have that elegant tone, and these swirls make the design look modern and stylish. A classy manicure like this one really adorns your hands better than any type of jewelry.

18. Purple Nail Art On A White Base

For those who like simple and cute nail art, this mani is a treat to wear and look at. This white base really makes these beautiful purple butterflies pop.

19. Purple Matte Nails

If you’re searching for a way to increase the charm of the classic purple mani, adding a few heart details and finishing it all with a matte top coat will do the job perfectly.

20. Purple Bling Nails

If you’re a minimalist, you can immediately skip this design. This luxurious design is truly a work of art, made for ladies who can never get enough of bling.

21. Purple Halloween Freestyle

As you can see, it’s possible to create a hella spooky Halloween design with the purple color. It’s only important to choose a darker shade of purple and add these spooky-but-cute details.

22. Barbed Wire Purple Nails

If you’re a goth girl, I’m sure you’ve just found your next mani. The barbed wire art definitely creates a bold and edgy look that always leaves a statement.

23. Purple Duo Chrome Nails With Glitters

The magic of the duo chrome effect is in its ability to change color with the reflection of light. It creates a cool, dazzling look and adds dimension to the nails.

24. Purple Nails With Metallic Foil

If you want to achieve an extra shimmery and shiny look, metallic foils are always a good choice. They have that glam vibe that will make your nails perfect for some special occasions.

25. Two-tone Tone swirls

These abstract designs always look so pretty, fun, and playful. The rhinestones at the bottom of the nails add a fancy touch to the whole design.