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20 Charming Princess Nails To Give You The Modern-Royalty Look

20 Charming Princess Nails To Give You The Modern-Royalty Look

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Every girl deserves to look like a Princess at least once in her life. But now, it’s easier than ever to awaken your inner royalty. All you need is a set of gorgeous Princess nails and that’s exactly what I’m bringing you.

1. 3D Princess Nails

When you think of Princess nails, I bet that this is the inspo pic that comes through your mind. With this many, you don’t need a crown.

2. Square Shaped Princess Acrylics

Can you be a Princess and a badass at the same time? Well, isn’t that what modern royalty is all about? These nails are a prime example of that.

3. Princess Glazed Donut Nails

Be in trend with these Haley Bieber inspired glazed donut nails. You’re looking at the updated version of the trendy manicure.

4. Silver Princess Nails

Most people usually connect Princess aesthetic with gold. But who says that you have to follow the stereotypes. Here is something for all of my silver girlies.

5. Pearls And Bows Princess Nails

Is there anything that screams royal more than bows and pearls? I don’t think so. Luckily, this manicure has it both, combined with the beautiful shade of pink.

6. Short Sparkly Princess Nails

Long nails are not a must for a Princess manicure. You can easily pull it off with your short, natural nails. All you need is some magic in the form of sprinkles.

7. Reddish Ombre Princess Nails

If you like the color red, good news: you can incorporate it in your Princess manicure. Choose this reddish ombre coloring and pair it with bows and some nail jewelry.

8. Winter Princess Nails

Or should I be more precise and say Snow Queen? Because that is exactly what you’ll look like with this snowy transparent nails.

9. Butterfly And Shell Princess Nails

Not all Princesses live in a castle. In fact, some are fairies. If you’re the nature’s Princess, opt for these butterfly and shell nails.

10. Princess French Manicure

You’re a fan of French manicure? Don’t worry, we’ll make it happen and give you the Princess look. This is the set of nails to go to.

11. Evil Queen Nails

You know what they say: “Evil Queens are Princesses that were never saved.” If you feel like you belong to the dark side more, I have the perfect mani for you.

12. Disney Princess Nail Art

Let’s go back to your childhood and wake up all the sleeping Disney Princesses. This set of nails will make you feel like a careless little girl again.

13. Frozen-Inspired Princess Nails

Are you more of a Frozen fan? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as well. These nails will make you look and feel like a real-life Elsa.

14. 101 Dalmatians Nails

One thing is without doubt: with these unique 101 Dalmatian nails, you’ll stand out of the crowd. Aren’t they Princess-like?

15. Lion King Princess Nails

Or should I say lioness queen? But cartoon art is not the only thing that gives this mani Princess vibe. Just look at the sparkles and the color.

16. Rapunzel Princess Nails

It’s difficult to grow long hair as Rapunzel, I get it. But nothing is stopping you from having these astonishing Rapunzel nails?

17. Disney Stiletto Nails

I’ll be honest with you: not everyone is cut out to rock these stiletto Disney nails. But if you can picture yourself wearing them, please go for it.

18. Jasmine And Aladdin Nail Art

This manicure is a real work of art. If you want to grab everyone’s undivided attention, this should be your go-to nail set.

19. XL Pink Princess Nails

The shape says you’re a baddie. At the same time, the color combo gives off Princess vibes. And that’s exactly what makes this mani so special.

20. Ice Princess Nails

This ice Princess set of nails is perfect for all of my confident, ice queens. They’re classy, sassy, and romantic; all at once.