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20 Bright And Summery June Nails That’ll Bring The Heat

20 Bright And Summery June Nails That’ll Bring The Heat

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Nothing says summer like a new, colorful manicure. I’ve been searching high and low and gathered the trendiest June nails for everyone’s taste.

1. Watermelon June Nails

Nothing can get you in the ultimate summer mood like the idea of a watermelon. Just imagine the vibe you’ll be getting if you keep seeing it on your nails.

2. Lollipop June Nails

The perfect lollipop has all the pastel colors ideally combined together. This pairing of shades screams June and summer.

3. Cherry Heart Art

These are not the “the regular” cherries. You’re looking at the updated and even cuter version: the cherry heart art.

4. Mint June Nails

The beauty of June nails is that they give you the chance to play with your different colors. If you’re a fan of mint, this one is for you.

5. Rainbow June Nails

But you know what’s even better? The fact that you don’t have to pick just one color for your manicure this month.

5. Fruity June Nails

You don’t have to go in extremes with your June nails to have summery manicure. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at white subtle nails with subte fruity details.

6. Neon June Nails

On the other hand, if you’re a fan of funky colors, this is the time to go for it. Who would know that neon yellow goes this well with pink and orange?

7. Multicolored June Nails

Coffin-shaped multicolored June nails will get you all the attention you want and more. You’re looking at vacation-appropriate set of nails.

8. Square Pastel Pink French Manicure

Want a classic French manicure but make it summer-worthy? You’re looking at one. This set of nails is great for an office job as well.

9. Pastel Rose Classy June Nails

You’re probably looking at one of the classiest set of June nails out there. At the same time, they’re incredibly romantic and cute.

10. Chrome June Nails

These multicolored chrome June nails are in-vogue for whole summer and I assure you that you can’t afford to miss them.

11. Flowery French Manicure

You want to add a dash of June to your manicure but still keep it subtle? In that case, take this flowery French mani into consideration.

12. Shades Of Purple

Lilac and purple are made for the first summer month, especially if they’re combined with pastel pink and gold details.

13. Ocean Vibes

One of the first things you connect this summer month is vacation. And what goes with vacation? Ocean, that’s right. That’s one of the biggest reason to get this Ocean vibes manicure.

14. Seashell June Nails

Let’s continue with seasational vibes. These seashell June nails might not be appropriate for an office job but they should definitely be your go-to style if you plan on vacationing this June.

15. June French Manicure

This June French manicure is perfect for all the gentle, romantic girls who want a dash of romance in their style. They’re appropriate both for spring and summer.

16. Glittery June Nails

Wow! How striking and attention-grabbing are these glittery June nails? They look like they’re out of this world.

17. Cherry On Top

When I say “cherry on top”, I literally think that since cherry art is positioned on the French manicure. The subtle details make it even cuter.

18. Pastel Swirls

Funky and multicolored pastel swirls are a dramatic contrast to the short length and almond shape of this nail set. This is what makes this manicure both party and office appropriate.

19. Orange June Nails

It’s time to be the biggest baddie ever this June. And that is exactly the kind of look this combo will bring you: coffin shapes and different shades of neon orange.

20. Stiletto June Nails

Let’s continue with extra baddie nails for this month. The pairing of appealing pastel pink, animal print, light orange, and stiletto shape will boost your confidence in a blink of an eye.