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20 Hottest Summer Haircuts Destined To Go On Vacation

20 Hottest Summer Haircuts Destined To Go On Vacation

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Are you vacation-ready? No, I’m not talking about your body; I’m talking about your tresses. Well, if you’re not, this is about to change. These summer haircuts are here to get you through the season with the most fashionable look imaginable.

1. Blunt Bob

The start of the summer is the best chance possible to chop off those long tresses of yours and take the weight off your shoulders. A blunt bob cut is the perfect choice!

2. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are trending more than ever. Opt for them if you want to get rid of your split ends in front without losing the rest of your length.

3. Butterfly Cut

A butterfly cut is one of the most amazing summer haircuts because it brings movement to your locks. And that is exactly what your hair needs this season.

4. Lob Cut

Lob cut is back and it doesn’t plan on going anywhere. Check out this transformation if you’re still having second thought about getting this summer haircut.

5. Medium Shag

For this season, you need a low-maintenance, wash-and-go haircut that can practically style itself. What better than this medium shag?

6. Layered Cut

A layered cut is an excellent choice for all hair types. If you have thin and fine hair, this chop will give you the illusion of volume. On the other hand, if you have thick tresses, a layered cut will remove a lot of weight.

7. Wavy Bob Cut

A wavy bob cut is a fresh update to your style, especially if you have long tresses. It’s airy, cool and most importantly, low-maintenance.

8. Choppy Pixie Cut

I can promise you one thing: this choppy pixie is one of the coolest summer haircuts you’ll ever see. Pair it with a funky color and you’re good to go.

9. Shaggy Mini Bob

Here’s an updated version of the classic French bob. I’m talking about the even more chic shaggy mini bob that will give you a unique look.

10. Stacked Bob

A stacked bob cut is all about subtle layers. It gives your tresses depth and movement, without making the haircut too blunt.

11. ’90s-Inspired Cut

The ’90s aesthetic is knocking on our door and the decade’s hairstyles are coming along. That can only mean one thing: you can’t afford to miss this summer haircut.

12. Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs are here to elevate every haircut. They’re especially great on fine hair since they don’t require too much weight but still bring some style to your hairdo.

13. Collarbone Cut

Just check out this long tresses to collarbone haircut transformation and do your best not to fall in love with it. I know you won’t succeed.

14. Curved Bob Cut

This is not the typical round bob cut. Instead, it’s a trendier version that gives your curls more volume and is appropriate for all ages.

15. Shoulder Length Cut

Can’t decide between going short or letting your hair grow? Who says you have to go to the extremes? Instead, pick a shoulder-length summer cut.

16. Piecey Short Feathered Cut

A piecey short feathered cut saves you from the blowdryer for the next couple of months. And that is exactly what you need for the summer!

17. Curly Pixie Cut

Let your curls loose instead of trying to tame them. This curly pixie cut is low-maintenance and it literally brings summer to your hair.

18. Cado Cut

A cado cut is gaining popularity this year and it will remain that way during the summer as well. It’s a four part dry cutting technique made for all of my curly-haired girlies.

19. Tousled Medium Length Cut

Let’s continue with I-woke-up-like-this haircuts because summer is made for them! The only thing you need to make this tousled medium length cut work is your fingers.

20. Hime Cut

A hime cut came from Asia and conquered the West. It’s eye-catching and attention-grabbing, which makes it an ideal summer haircut.