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22 Graduation Nails For A Picture-Perfect Finish Of This Milestone

22 Graduation Nails For A Picture-Perfect Finish Of This Milestone

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You’ve reached an exciting milestone and unlocked a new chapter in your life, and I congratulate you on that! This is your big day, you deserve to have the most special graduation nails, and I’ll help you with that.

With these dazzling designs, you’ll literally have success at your fingerprints. Choose your grad mani and let it be the introduction to all the amazing things you will achieve in the future.

1. Perfect Peach Graduation Nail Design

This cute set of peach graduation nails sounds promising, right? Well, even cuter designs are waiting for you below! Peach is a lovely spring/summer shade that flatters the tanned skin and makes these graduation nail art and details pop.

2. The Cutest Short Graduation Nails

This black and white combo makes a chic and timeless design that will complement your graduation outfit. These glitters add such a lovely and magical flair to the overall look.

3. Blue-White Combo With Mickey Mouse

This design is definitely the way to nail your graduation mani! The blue and white colors make a match made in heaven, but these cute black details are the real deal that elevates the overall design.

4. Stiletto Disney Graduation Nails

Here is another fun and adorable graduation nail design for all Disney lovers. These nails will definitely make you shine on your big day.

5. Graduation Nails With Lovely Prints

Celebrate your big achievement with this fabulous grad manicure! Prints are always a trendy choice and these details add such a cute vibe to the design.

6. Black And White Sophistication

This sparkling design will totally match your cap and gown. They’re classy and elegant, and they will definitely attract many compliments.

7. Charming Flower Tips And Silver Details

This flowery tip manicure radiates vintage vibes. However, these 3D silver details give these retro nails a modern twist.

8. Blue V-Cut French Tips

V-cut Frenchies are a refreshing way to spice up the classic French design. They go with these XL stiletto nails so well, and this impressive design will bring your nails to the spotlight on your special day.

9. Green And Silver Frenchie Graduation Set

Short, classy, and clean, just the way most ladies would like their graduation nails to look. This half green-half silver Frenchies make such a unique and sophisticated design.

10. Hottest Red Graduation Nails

Red is the color of passion, and besides the stunning look of these nails, it’s another reason you should pick this shade. I’m sure you feel passionate about this huge milestone, just as you should about all the exciting possibilities that lie ahead of you.

11. Bling Whites With 3D Graduation Hat

These sparkly white nails with this 3D graduation hat are so cap-tivating! They’ll flatter your grad outfit and give you a nice and polished look.

12. Hello Kitty Graduation Nails

I’m sure the little girl inside of you feels so proud of you and all the hard work you had to put in to come to this point in your life. Choose this adorable Hello Kitty design to honor her and the faith she had in you all this time.

13. Pink Graduation Nail Design

Here we have a personalized, hand-painted graduation mani that looks awesome. This vibrant pink hue gives off a feminine vibe.

14. Sparkly Milky White Design

If you want a trendy nail color, you definitely won’t go wrong if you choose this milky white hue. This green nail art is such a cool way to make them personalized and more in that graduation nail style.

15. Hand Painted Graduation Nails

I just love how amazing these three colors pair together. These nails are a great choice if you want your graduation nails to be noticed.

16. White And Yellow Graduation Mani

If you choose these nails, you should be prepared for all the compliments and glory they’ll receive. I mean, just look at them, isn’t this the coolest and most fun graduation nail design you’ve ever seen?

17. Rose Quarts & Rose Gold Foils

These nails look very delicate and charming. Besides their polished and elegant look that will complement your grad outfit, they’ll also make your hands look much softer.

18. Stunning Almond Frenchies

French tips flatter every nail shape but I like them on the almond shape the most because they look so natural and elegant. These gold lines elevate the design and make these nails perfect for this special occasion.

19. Simple Jeweled Nudes

You want nudes but would also like to make them more appropriate for this special occasion? No worries, adding a few rhinestones like this will elevate the simple, nude design and make your nails graduation-ready!

20. Matte Ombre With 3D Flower

This simple but alluring design will steal the show at your graduation ceremony. This 3D rose art is very charming and captivating.

21. Elegant Nudes

These gold flakes elevate and make even the most subtle nail designs look glamorous and elegant. This design will add a beautiful sparkle to your graduation outfit.

22. Gentle Pastels

We’re all beyond obsessed with these elegant pastel nail designs. Here is one that will make making the final decision about your graduation mani way harder.