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Deliver Epic Fashion With These Jellyfish Haircut Ideas

Deliver Epic Fashion With These Jellyfish Haircut Ideas

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Are you in the market for an edgy hairstyle that expresses your unique personality? Are you ready to awaken your inner rock star. Well, you’re in luck because hairdressers are sharpening their scissors eager to give you a jellyfish haircut.

1. Cotton Candy Jellyfish Haircut

How cute is this cotton candy jellyfish haircut? Yes, it serves alt vibes but it’s still quite girly. The short bangs give this style just the right amount of edginess.

2. Pink Jellyfish Haircut

Pink jellyfish haircut is everything you’ve been searching for and more. Here’s a pro tip: when you ask your colorist to dye it, go for a shade darker. This way, when the colors washes off, you’ll still have a vibrant hue.

3. Blonde And Teal Jellyfish Haircut

One thing is for sure: blonde and teal hair colors go perfectly well together. But what makes this hairstyle so special is the gradual transition between the two shades.

4. Dark Blonde And Green Jellyfish Haircut

You love your dark blonde hair but you want to spice things up a bit? Instead of changing your hair color, just add some funkiness to the tip of your tresses.

5. Root Shadow Jellyfish Haircut

Root shadowing will give your jellyfish haircut depth and dimension. And let’s not forget that it will make your entire style look way more interesting.

6. Two-Colored Jellyfish Textured Haircut

The upper part of this jellyfish haircut is textured, which makes this style ideal for thin and fine hair. The lower red locks are here to add some fire to your style.

7. Pixie Jellyfish Haircut

You can’t make up your mind between two awesome haircuts: pixie and jellyfish? Go for both and you’ll end up looking like a rock star.

8. Dark Copper Jellyfish Haircut

Copper is, without a doubt, the trendiest hair color of the season. And jellyfish haircut is going viral as well. So, why not combine the two?

9. Black Jellyfish Haircut With Red Bangs

Speaking of trendy hair colors… Influencers around the world are going crazy over red and black combo of colors.

10. Choppy Jellyfish Haircut

A choppy jellyfish haircut should be your go-to style if you’re struggling with damaged, dead ends. Don’t forget to choose a fun mixture of colors to accompany it.

11. Curly Jellyfish Haircut

The good thing about jellyfish haircut is that it is easily paired with every hair type and texture. If you don’t believe me, just look at this inspo pic.

12. Pastel Purple Jellyfish Haircut

This pic is the epitome of a jellyfish haircut. In fact, it even perfectly describes where the hairstyle got its name.

13. Mid-Length Jellyfish Haircut

A mid-length jellyfish haircut like this will frame your face beautifully while giving you a unique, expressive hairstyle you’ll love.

14. Braided Jellyfish Hairstyle

If you already have a jellyfish haircut and want a cute hairstyle to change your looks a bit, just braid the tresses. As far as the upper part is concerned, you can curl it or leave it the way it is.

15. Umbrella Jellyfish Hairstyle

Umbrella hair color is actually a combination of two colors, transitioning from one to another in an umbrella-like mode. But the best thing is that it’s perfect for a jellyfish haircut.

16. Short Jellyfish Haircut

This short jellyfish haircut is edgy, funky, an eye-catching. Sound perfect to me. And it looks even better.

17. Brown And Pink Jellyfish Haircut

Want to spice up your boring brown hair? Say no more. Just ask your hairdresser for a jelly haircut and dye the lower tresses pink.

18. Pink And Black Jellyfish Hairstyle

Pink and black jellyfish hairstyle is eye-catching and it will give you the spotlight wherever you appear, especially if you curl the lower tresses this way.

19. Ginger And Black Jelly Hairstyle

Ginger and black hair colors combined is another mesmerizing viral combination you can’t afford to miss. Try it and see it for yourself.

20. Bob Jellyfish Haircut

This bob jellyfish haircut has it all: it accentuates your jawline, it frames your face, it gives you the edgy appearance you’re going for and it makes you look younger than ever.

21. Layered Jellyfish Haircut

This layered jellyfish haircut gives off Pokémon vibes. But it also makes you hair visually thicker and more voluminous.

22. Rainbow Jellyfish Hairstyle

Are you ready for the craziest jellyfish haircut ever? The rainbow jellyfish is screaming your name and you mustn’t miss it for the world.