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These 2024 Hair Trends For Women Are About to Take Over Your Feed

These 2024 Hair Trends For Women Are About to Take Over Your Feed

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Buckle up, beauties! 2024’s hair trends are here to shake things up. From the revival of classic cuts to bold, statement-making colors, this year’s hair trends are just jaw-dropping. Think next-level textures and hues that scream personality and style. These are must-try looks; you just have to find the one that suits you best. Trust me, your trendsetting transformation is here!

1. Birkin Bangs

Birkin Bangs are the current obsession, channeling that eternal ’70s vibe. Drawing from Jane Birkin’s legendary 1970s look, these effortlessly chic fringes offer a laid-back, boho feel with their face-framing, wispy lengths.

2. Blunt Bob

Sleek, sharp, and effortlessly cool—the blunt bob is your go-to for instant edge. Ditch the layers for this clean-cut classic and have perfect hairstyle everyday.

3. Round Curly Cut

For all curly girlies out there, dive into the round curly cut—your ultimate move to shape and flaunt those spirals. This cut brings out the best in your texture, adding volume and definition that turns heads.

4. The Kitty Cut

 Well this is one refined twist on the wolf cut with ’70s vibes and face-framing layers. It blends the wolf cut’s texture with softer layers for a modern, flattering look. Puurfect cut!

5. Butterfly Haircut

The Rom-Com hair is here! Snagging this cut is like hitting the refresh button on your style—major transformation vibes with a nod to ’90s nostalgia, aka Rachel from “Friends” hairstyle.

6. Italian Bob

Move over, French bob and embrace the longer, bouncier, and chic Italian bob for that Hollywood allure. This sleek stunner is all about the dolce vita, and lots and lots of volume.

6. Color Trends for 2024


The major 2024 trend will definitely be colors that sit in between a dark blonde and a light brunette. This bronde blend is as sweet as honey.

Cowboy Copper

What’s there not to love about cowboy copper? Seriously, it’s gorgeous. That’s why this trend will continue going strong into 2024 and maybe even become a timeless choice.

Cherry Colla

Cherry cola hair is the it-shade, rocked by Dua Lipa. It’s a bold mix of deep red and brown, making waves as the chic, go-to color for trendsetters.

Deep Rich Warm Red

Look at the beautiful warmth. This color is called the Midnight Flame and it does her justice. Truly a perfect combo of copper and red tones that will set 2024 hair trends on fire.

Honey Highlights

Honey highlights are stealing the spotlight this year, offering a warm, sun-kissed glow that adds depth and dimension, perfect for refreshing any look with a touch of natural radiance.

Natural Brown

The understated hero of hair colors, celebrated for its rich, earthy tones that offer timeless elegance, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a subtle and impactful style update.