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21 Simple Nails For The Minimalistic Chic Manicure

21 Simple Nails For The Minimalistic Chic Manicure

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Ready to embrace the beauty of simplicity? Explore this collection of the most elegant, simple nails that prove that less is always more.

These simple designs are appropriate for every occasion and pair with absolutely everything. Be prepared to make a hard decision, because choosing only one design will definitely be a tough call.

1. Simple Pearly Nails

Even though these pearly nails are minimalistic, they’ll definitely have the maximum impact. They’re so elegant that they can be used as a simple, stunning wedding mani.

2. Cute Minimalistic Mani

These tiny hearts and gold lines add cute vibes to this nude base. These nails are ideal for everyday wear but also for some special events and occasions.

3. Simple Pinks With A Bow

These clear, pinkish nails are elegant by themselves, but adding this cute bow detail has definitely upgraded the entire design. These have just made my ‘next mani’ list, and I’m sure you’ll put them on yours, too.

4. Simple Flower Frenchies

French tips are a timeless, simple mani that will never go out of style. If you’re tired of the classic Frenchies, there is always a way to spice them up a bit, like adding these lovely daisies.

5. Elegant Goldie French Mani

Here is a super simple design that looks very classy and sophisticated. It’s a glamorous twist on the classic French tips that is perfect for some special and formal occasions.

6. Glittery Ombre Nails

You like glitter but are also a fan of minimalistic designs? Even though many would say that those two don’t go together, I totally understand you. And here is proof that you can combine those two and get the most sparkling and simple ombre nail design that will capture everyone’s attention.

7. Simple Vanilla Chrome Nails

Vanilla is one of my favorite nail colors, and this chrome effect makes it shimmery and way more cool. It’s amazing how this hue compliments every skin tone.

8. Simple Black And White Nails

Black, white, and nude colors represent the core of simple nail designs. These simple nails look sophisticated and are suitable for every season and outfit.

9. Super Simple Nude Nails

You won’t be able to take your eyes off this cute and elegant design. These tiny dots make sure the final result is an ultra classy, simple nail look.

10. Simple Valentine’s Day Nails

This Valentine’s Day, you could see this romantic design popping up on every social media. What’s more important, they’ll still dominate the trending the next few years, and their simple yet dazzling look is the best guarantee of that.

11. Simple Baby Pink Mani

Can it get more simple and lovely than this? Baby pink is a gentle hue that will make your hands look so much softer.

12. Simple Christmas Mani

We’ll all agree that the color red is unavoidable when it comes to Christmas manicures. This glittery, white snowflake gives them that extra festive sparkle.

13. Trendy Milky White Nails

If you’re looking for simple and neutral nails, be sure you have just found them! This milky white hue is so elegant and is currently one of the trendiest nail color choices.

14. Glazed French Mani

The shiny finish really gives such sophisticated vibes to these French nails. This amazing effect will give you a glamorous, red carpet-ready manicure.

15. Simple Fall Nails

A hot fall color and a few fall details can make a simple but awesome mani for this season.

16. Simple White Nails With A Pink Butterfly

If you want to make any nail design look sweet, just add a tiny butterfly somewhere, and the result will be: 🦋cuteness overload🦋.

17. Simple Disney Nails

Yes, Disney nails can be simple, too. Of course, the red color is inevitable, and decorating it with a few white dots and these peekaboo Mickey Mouse ears is enough to get a simple but lovely Disney nail design.

18. Simple Peachy Lines

Here is yet another way you can give a stylish flair to a classic French mani. If you want to give a pop of color to your summer nails, you should definitely go with this design.

19. Black Negative Space Nails

Leaving a little space can totally upgrade your nail art game and give it a very cool, abstract, and futuristic look. Besides, another advantage is that these nails flatter every nail shape and length.

20. Spring Dots

Pastel colors are the colors of spring. These cute, colorful dots make it a wonderful choice for all nail art minimalists.

21. Gradient Blue Nails

For these simple nails, you should only choose different shades of the same color to get this stunning gradient effect. This vibrant design is a perfect choice for a spring and summer manicure.