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Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo This Fairy Nail Art Will Look Splendid On You

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo This Fairy Nail Art Will Look Splendid On You

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Find your talent among the fairies of Pixie Hollow or start your first day at an ancient fairy school — the choice is completely yours! These top fairy nail art picks will make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of your favorite fairytale.

1. Fairy Dust Nails

The shimmering, almost holographic sheen of these nails makes them look like they were dipped in fairy dust!

2. Rose Fairy Nail Art

These warm coral hues paired with golden patterns are the perfect mani combo for your next summer escape.

3. Holographic Fairy Nail Art

Looking for something more than just basic shine with a single color? You may need to ask a few fairies about the secret of holographic nails.

4. Gradient Ombre Fairy Nail Art

If you opt for gradient hues and accentuate them with sparkly golden stars, you’ll have nails that look like they were painted by the fairy godmother herself.

5. Elemental Fairy Nail Art

Fire and water may clash in every other aspect, but they complement each other beautifully in this fairy nail art.

6. Fairy Garden Nail Art

Imagine a fairy world where you would want to live and transfer it on your nails — that way, you’ll be wearing your own little fairytale everywhere!

7. Forest Fairy Nail Art

Show your love for the outdoors and become a forest fairy by showcasing the beautiful gifts of Mother Nature on your nails.

8. Rainbow Fairy Dust Nail Art

Somewhere over the rainbow, you may find these magical rainbow nails sprinkled with pixie dust instead of a pot full of gold.

9. Whimsical Garden Nail Art

If you’re all about living that fairytale life and own a whimsical garden, step outside and find inspiration for your next 3D nail art in your dreamy retreat.

10. Wonderland Nail Art

We may not have seen any fairies in Wonderland, but I can guarantee that these nails will make you the first.

11. Fairy Nail Art With Gems

Combine your eye makeup with gems with these fairy gem nails for a complete fairytale look!

12. Green Fairy Nail Art

The designs on these nails look like they were plucked from an enchanted forest and placed straight onto your fingertips.

13. Aquatic Fairy Nail Art

Explore unknown ocean depths by creating this underwater paradise on your fingertips. The 3D bubbles and swirls mimic the movement of water waves, making them perfect for an ocean-themed editorial!

14. Fairy Pond Nail Art

I present to you fairy nail art that is a pastel dream come true! Soft shades of blue, pink and white paired with 3D details make every nail a miniature masterpiece.

15. White And Gold Fairy Frenchies

It is said that fairy gold disappears or transforms into something worthless when touched by humans, but in this case, your fairy nail art will remain as beautiful and enchanting as ever!

16. Fairy Wings Nail Art

To be a proper fairy, you’ll need wings. The good thing is, you can choose your own with these fairy wing nails!

17. Iridescent Fairy Nail Art

These translucent nails with 3D accents that resemble magical crystals is how I imagine the fairy nail art to be — otherworldly and ethereal.

18. Maleficent Nail Art

Not all fairies are good — show others you’re not the one to mess with by wearing the ”Mistress of Evil” on your nails!

19. Tinkerbell-Inspired Nails

And finally, nails that you can actually wear everyday — add a couple of fairy wings to your green French manicure, sprinkle some ”pixie dust” on top, and you’ll get this Tinkerbell-inspired fairy nail art!

20. Moonlit Fairy Nail Art

Trying to find a set for your dark fairy Halloween costume? Check out this unique fairy nail art featuring short squovals and long stiletto nails!

21. Winx Fairy Nail Art

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be on my way to Alfea to become the seventh member of the Winx Club with these nails inspired by one of my favorite cartoons ever! They perfectly capture the essence of the show with their purple and pink gradient paired with silver starbursts.

22. Vine Fairy Nail Art

For more of a minimalistic look, go with these nude nails and add vine-like lines to bring them to life.

23. Pearly Ember Nails

Going for a simple-looking fiery mani? Decorate your nude nails with ember and copper lines that resemble the pattern of fairy wings and incorporate pearls for an additional glow.

24. Spring Fairy Nail Art

I can’t get over these little golden-framed flowers — it’s like you captured an old spring memory and put it straight onto your fingertips.

25. 3D Fairy Gumdrop Nails

These nails are an absolute fantasy for those with a sweet tooth. The 3D details are incredibly realistic, and the bears resemble gummy ones so much that you might be tempted to take a bite!