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23 Dazzling Ideas For Eye Makeup With Gems

23 Dazzling Ideas For Eye Makeup With Gems

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Dearest gentle reader, there is nothing on Earth quite so envied as a diamond, so by using these makeup ideas you’ll secure your place as the new Diamond of the Season! If you make your debut wearing one of these shiny looks, Daphne Bridgerton may have to watch her back.

Try out these stunning ideas featuring eye makeup with gems!

1. Star Gem Eye Makeup

The right amount of gems can make even the most basic looks shine, but you have to be careful not to overdo them, as they can overshadow looks that use subtle tones.

2. Euphoria Rhinestone Eyeliner

If you’re obsessed with Euphoria looks, especially Maddy’s, then that makes two of us. This eye makeup with gems offers a refreshing change from the usual black eyeliner routine.

3. Glowing Crystal Eye Makeup

You can pick the perfect makeup look, accessories and outfit, but still feel like something’s missing. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: add a few gems and you will complete your look.

4. Fall Gem Eye Makeup

You don’t have to avoid gloomy fall days anymore, instead brighten them with this shiny eye makeup with gems. It captures the true essence of fall and shows that cold and rainy days don’t always have to be depressing.

5. Sunset Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Challenge yourself and try out this stunning, wavy eye makeup with gems. Girls with green and blue eyes will adore this look, as the orange eyeshadow will make their eye color pop.

6. Glittery Gem Eye Makeup

Sometimes, when there isn’t enough glow, you can definitely add more. This eye makeup with gems sends a clear message: there can never be enough glitter in a makeup look!

7. Rhinestone Cut-Crease

You don’t have to always do your cut-crease makeup with eyeshadow — just put a gem here and there and you’ll love the results.

8. Simple Gem Eye Makeup

Sometimes, less is more, as this eye makeup look with gems tells us, and you only need a few of them for your makeup to stand out.

9. Smokey Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Adding a couple of gems to a smokey eye will increase the amount of drama in your already dramatic look.

10. Vintage Rhinestone Eye Makeup

For all my fellow dancers, I know how important highlighting your facial features is for you. If you’re still undecided on the look for your next competition, this eye makeup with gems will help solve all your problems!

11. Ruby Red Crystal Eye Makeup

Lady Whistledown once said that diamonds are not the only gems that sparkle. Seeing this red eye makeup with gems, I’d say that rubies shine just as brilliantly.

12. Rainbow Gem Eye Makeup

The world definitely needs more color and painting your eyes with the most beautiful colors of nature is a great way to make it happen. It’s fun, colorful and shiny. What more could you need?

13. Valentine’s Day Crystal Eye Makeup

If you’re looking for an enchanting look perfect for the most romantic day of the year, you’re in the right place. It’s not an everyday look, that’s for sure, but with this eye makeup with gems, you can go all out on Valentine’s Day.

14. Purple Gem Eye Makeup

This Euphoria-inspired eye makeup look with gems shows that you can easily become a girlie from your favorite show. Channel your inner Cassie and you’ll never be happier.

15. Pastel Blue Rhinestone Eye Makeup

Delicate pastels may seem subtle, but combine them with gems and you’ll get a fairy-like eye makeup look that will make you look ethereal.

16. Editorial Gem Eye Makeup

This lavender eye makeup with gems shows us how the right look is just as important as angles and editing. Shades of purple stand out against the dramatic eyeliner and sparkly rhinestones.

17. Starlit Sky Gem Eye Makeup

Why gaze at the stars in the sky, when you can gaze at them in the mirror? This eye makeup with gems will help you capture the essence of a beautiful starry night on your face.

18. Fantasy Eye Makeup With Rhinestones

Dragons are known for hoarding shiny objects, but in this dragon wings-inspired eye makeup, gems are sparingly used. Instead of being the focus of the look, they’re used as accents.

19. Cosmic Gem Eye Makeup

Now this is what I call a show-stopping eye makeup look! It’s perfect for festival season — the chrome has a different shine under different lights and the gems are in all the right places, without being too much.

20. Colorful Gem Eye Makeup

The good thing about your face is the fact that you can use it as your own canvas and create your own masterpieces. This vibrant eye makeup with gems showcases how to play with different colors and just the right amount of gems without them clashing or being too overwhelming.

21. Azure Gem Eye Makeup

Try matching aqua eye makeup with orange to create a sunset by the ocean look — just add pearl gems to complete the vibe. For my girlies with green eyes, add a touch of bronze or gray to tone down the blue a little bit.

22. Nightfall Inspired Gem Eye Makeup

Using gems as small details will make your makeup look special in a subtle way. This nightfall-inspired eye makeup with gems will show you how it’s done!

23. Daydream Gem Eye Makeup

Add a sense of fun into your makeup look and express yourself the way you want to. Do you notice the way that glitter from the inner corner transfers onto the rhinestones? I absolutely love it!