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23 Cute Strawberry Nails For A Juicy Summer Mani

23 Cute Strawberry Nails For A Juicy Summer Mani

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It’s sweet strawberry season, and I’m here today to introduce you to this amazing collection of cute strawberry nails that will help you nail your summer mani!

Let your nails be berry-cute, just like strawberries are. Even though these designs are perfect for summer, they can work all year round, too.

1. Strawberries And Daisies

If you want your nails to take the spotlight this summer, here is a design you must try! These daisies and strawberries make the most cutelicious combo ever.

2. Pink Strawberry Cuties

Pink strawberries, why not? Most of us fall for pink manicures, and it’s totally understandable because they somehow always make the loveliest designs.

3. Classic Frenchies With Tiny Strawberries

These tiny strawberries are the cutest way to spice up the classic French manicure this summer. This eye-catching design is fully appropriate even for some special occasions.

4. Strawberries, Flowers And Bees

This spring-themed nail art will leave everyone speechless. I really have nothing to say about this design except that it’s ultra-sweet.

5. Strawberry Tips

These strawberry tips are perfect for a sweet and juicy summer look. These green leaves add an extra touch to the design and make these strawberry tips pop even more.

6. Romantic Strawberry Nail Design

Here is proof you should definitely include strawberries in your Valentine’s Day mani. They give that extra romantic flair to the overall design.

7. Deep Red Strawberry Nails

This deep red hue is totally an autumn shade, which means you can totally rock these nails for that season. It’s an effortlessly chic color that suits absolutely everyone.

8. XL Cute Strawberry Nails Set

Here is a design for all the lovers of long nails. These nails are super cute, and the best thing is that this nude base makes them perfect for every opportunity and outfit.

9. Strawberry Cream Nails

This cream base really makes these sweet strawberries pop. It’s a quite simple strawberry nail design that will still draw attention.

10. Strawberry Frogs

Be honest, it’s impossible not to get an instant mood boost the second you look at these nails. It’s a funky but charming design that will totally make everyone stare at your nails wherever you go.

11. Nude Strawberry Nails

Let’s face it, a nude mani is too plain for summer, and you should at least spice it up with cute summery-themed nail art. Let simple and cute be your vibe this season.

12. Vintage Strawberry Nails

This strawberry vintage design has set the bar way too high. Finding a vintage summer nail design that will top this one is close to mission impossible.

13. Y2K Strawberry Nails

Y2K designs are all about details and embellishments. This pink hue and cute bow totally radiate feminine vibes.

14. Cute Hello Kitty Strawberry Nails

Here is a design that will make that little girl inside of you who was a huge fan of Hello Kitty immensely happy. Besides, it’s adorable and totally emits summer vibes.

15. Chrome Strawberry Nails

These chrome strawberries deserve a huge YES this summer! The chrome nail trend is having its moment right now, and we should totally use it.

16. Cutest Strawberry Chupa Chups

Get in the ultimate summer mood with these adorable chupa chups strawberry nails. They’re fun, bright, and lovely… They’re everything a great summer mani should be!

17. Strawberry Blues

This season is perfect for making such bold combinations, like pairing these blue, red, and pink hues. It creates vibrant designs that perfectly flatter tanned skin.

18. Strawberry Ribbon Nails

Aren’t these simply the cutest? The white and nude hues add an elegant note to the design, while these details make everything look so girly and adorable.

19. Christmas Strawberry Nail Design

Let your Christmas mani be a bit more sweet this year. Choose this cute strawberry design and make your Christmas more special this year.

20. Juicy And Cool Strawberry Nails

These cheerful and vivid nails are a mood for the whole summer. This design will definitely give center stage to your nails wherever you go.

21. Strawberry Matcha Nails

Adding these cute details to this matcha green base makes for quite an interesting design. These pearls and bow nail art add a classy, elegant touch to the design.

22. Fun Strawberry Nail Design

We’re giving these strawberry designs all the love this summer because they truly deserve it. Just look at this funky design and try not to put it on your mani wish list.

23. Strawberry Peach Nails

This colorful strawberry-peach set simply screams summer. The combo of these two hues is absolutely everything! 😍 It’ll flatter your summer dresses so nicely.