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21 Cherry Red Lipstick Ideas To Take Your Makeup To New Heights

21 Cherry Red Lipstick Ideas To Take Your Makeup To New Heights

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It’s time to master the classic: the cherry red lipstick. It’s fundamental when it comes to makeup, it’s always relevant and on point. So, let’s learn how to combine it best.

Dark Cherry Red Lipstick

Deep cherry red lipstick will upgrade any look, there is no doubt about that. But if you have fair complexion and a cool skin tone, this shade is made just for you. Dark red hues offer a striking and gorgeous contrast with your pale skin. Not only that: this shade also makes your lips stand out. On top of it all, it gives you an elegant, classy look.

Bright Cherry Red Lipstick

Speaking of cherry red lipsticks that make you look elegant… take a closer look at bright cherry red shade, especially on spring or summer. This cherry red hue loos awesome on every skin tone and complexion possible. But the beauty of it doesn’t stop there. Here’s a little secret: it makes your teeth look whiter than ever.

Cherry Dark Lipstick With Subtle Eye Makeup

Can you rock cherry red lipstick and still keep an effortlessly glamorous look, without looking like you’ve got too much makeup on? Absolutely yes! All you need to do is pair it with subtle eye makeup and you’re good to go. Keep in mind that this doesn’t exclude eyeliner, mascara or even eye shadow. The trick is to achieve a no makeup make up look, at least when it comes to your eyes.

Cherry Red Lipstick With Eyeliner

Cherry red lipstick and eyeliner combined result in a retro sophisticated look that will always be popular. The beauty of this style is that it can be worn at every occasion, including everyday activities, but also at formal, black-tie events, including weddings and proms. It’s your job to pick the right shade of cherry red lipstick according to your complexion and the right shape of eyeliner based on your eye shape.

Cherry Red Ombre Lips

Let’s continue with unforgettable retro makeup hits. Cherry red ombre lips will drive your right back into the 90s. The 90s lips that are making a hardcore fashion comeback are all about darker lip liner and lighter lipstick in the inside parts of the lips. This technique is popularly called ombre lips and it’s not just awe-inspiring; it also gives your lips the illusion of volume without the need of filler.

Cherry Red Lipstick With Heavy Eye Makeup

You know the number one makeup rule: if you go heavy with the lipstick, go subtle with the eye makeup and vice versa. According to this, cherry red lipstick and heavy eye makeup is a big fashion no, no. But hey, the rules are there to be broken and you shouldn’t allow some imaginary norm from the past to stop you from doing you. If you want to put accent both on your delightful eyes and charming lips, go for it and recreate one of these inspo pics.

Cherry Red Lip Gloss

If you want your lips to appear fuller, fresher and more hydrated than ever, cherry red lip gloss is calling your name. Not only that: it will also make you look younger. This is a great cherry lipstick combo for sunny day when you’re careless and want to add some fun to your style. Trust me when I tell you that this shade of lip gloss will make your lips more kissable than ever.