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These 90s Lip Combos Are Making A Hardcore Fashion Comeback

These 90s Lip Combos Are Making A Hardcore Fashion Comeback

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Whether you like the decade or not, you must admit one thing: the 1990s had the most iconic beauty trends. Well, good news: they’re making a comeback. Of course, that means that most popular trend is back as well: 90s lip combos.

Matte Lips

All the “it” girls in the 90s had one thing in common: they rocked matte lips. This trend is back but it doesn’t mean you can wear it anyway you want. The trick to good looking matte lipstick is preparing your lips beforehand. That includes hydrating them because you want to avoid a dry look. What about the color of your matte lipstick? Well, if you want a 90s style, I strongly suggest darker shades but at the end of the day, the choice is all yours.

Glossy Lips

The right choice of lip gloss will give you a fresh, young look perfect for every occasion. Not only that: this make up style will give your lips a fuller look without any fillers. Here’s a piece of advice: go for nude or rose lip gloss shades and pair them with dazzling eye makeup or with smoky eyes. Don’t worry, your lips won’t go unnoticed with this combo.

Dark Lip Liner On Nude Lips

When you think of 90s lips, the first thing that comes through your mind is this eye-catching combo: dark lip liner on nude lipstick or lip gloss. Keep in mind that this was the time before fillers were a thing. So, girls had to come up with ways to make their lips look visually fuller. Basically, you blend two contrasting shades and get an ombre, fading effect. As a result, you get a bold look you’ll fall in love with.

Dark Lip Liner On Red Lipstick

Speaking of bold lips combos you can’t stay away from… here is a vintage take on the classic lip look: dark lip liner on red lipstick. No matter the shade you go for, you can’t go wrong with timeless red lipstick. If you’re wondering about the best eye makeup to go with this lip look, I recommend going with a neutral shade of eyeshadow and just a bit of concealer.

Frosted Lips

We love them or we hate them. But one thing is for sure: nobody is indifferent when it comes to one of the most viral TikTok trends right now. That’s right, I’m talking about frosted lips. It’s another trick that gives your lips the illusion of fullness. To complete the look, complement it with a darker shade of lip liner.

Glittery Gloss

Glittery glossy lips are taking off in a big way this year and it’s definitely one of the makeup looks set to make a comeback. This look obviously shouldn’t be worn as an every day style, but if you’re looking for the perfect makeup on a black-tie event or a special occasion, this is it. Choose the lipstick shade that goes best with your outfit but don’t stop there. Instead, be brave enough to ask your MUA for eye makeup in the same hue.