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7 Jaw-Dropping March Nail Colors That Will Rule in 2024

7 Jaw-Dropping March Nail Colors That Will Rule in 2024

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March 2024’s nail trends have little something – something for everyone! Step into the month where bold meets sassy. Take a look at the most dominant colors, with everything from eye-catching tangerine to minimalist chic vibes and some bold combos. It’s all about personal flair this spring, so get ready to flaunt those fingers with the freshest nail looks of the season.

Tangerine Sweetness

Let’s light up march with something fruity. It’s all about that zesty splash of color that turns heads and spices up your spring style. Perfect for anyone ready to add a bit of fun to their nail game.

All Shades of Green

Think fresh vibes only, from edgy neon to classy olive. It’s a quick and impactful update, perfect for making every outfit pop. Green’s the word, and your nails are listening!

Bold Cobalt

Now, this is the blue that demands attention. Perfect for those who embrace their powers and style. This dynamic shade sends a clear message “It’s my time to rule this month!”.

Flirty Fuchsia

Barbie fever transferred from 2023 into 2024 and it’s awaken in the form of March nail color. Fuchsia is definitely something Barbie would wear. Such and impactful and beautiful color.

Fiery Red

Fire alert! Nails that draw looks as you walk by are super trendy. Radiant red color is everything but subtle and that’s the whole point. Red has always been the color of those who want to stand out.

Timeless White 

A classic that never fails. Of course a modern twist or two are always welcome. You can go with monochrome, reverse french mani or get artsy on your index and ring fingers. White is for every season but this March one is a must try.

Pastel Pink

For those who are not in vibrant colors, there is one perfection called pastel pink. Also a pink and purple combo is a huge hit. It goes well with everything you wear and it’s not one of those “in your eyes” colors. Subtle and breathtaking is all you can say when you take a look at these nails.

Abstract March Nails Color Mix

If you are in for something more complicated and definitely jaw-dropping – find the perfect mix of above colores and present it to your nail artist. Or simply take a look of my top picks and show them those they are to die for.