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20 Iconic 90s French Tips Nails That Are Back And Better Than Ever

20 Iconic 90s French Tips Nails That Are Back And Better Than Ever

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You couldn’t be in-vogue if you didn’t wear ‘90s French tip nails back in the day. It was the time when many nail trends that last until today started: glitter, square-shaped nails, nail art, and of course, French manicure.

1. 90s French With 3D Floral Art

You want a ‘90s manicure but are scared that your nails will end up looking too basic? In that case, ask your artist to add some 3D floral elements.

2. 90s Red French Tips

Who said that ‘90s French tips must be white? Dare to be different with this red manicure.

3. 90s Hibiscus French Tips

These hibiscus ‘90s French tips are the epitome of sophistication. At the same, the miss-matching design makes them appealing.

4. 90s Blue French Tips

Chunky nails were a huge hit back in the ‘90s and that design is back in style. This dark blue shade is an excellent choice for the tips.

5. Black Art On 90s French Tips

With this black art French manicure, you’ll get everyone’s undivided attention. This design really justifies mani as nail art.

6. LV 90s French Tip

The ‘90s were all about big labels all over clothes. The decades that came escaped that aesthetic but if you want a real retro manicure, this LV design is the right one for you.

7. Pink 90s French Tips

What is the number one color you think of when ‘90s come through your mind? That’s right, pink. That is why it’s the best possible choice for ‘90s French nails.

8. Elegant 90s French Manicure

You’re looking at the most elegant version of the ‘90s inspired nails. What kind of elegance would it be without French tips?

9. Black And Pink 90s French Manicure

We’re not done with pink manicures. This time, adding black and silver glittery tips elevate the entire look.

10. XXL 90s Multicolored French Nails

Looking for ‘90s baddie manicure? XXL multicolored French manicure is calling your name.

11. 90s Abstract Rainbow French Nails

This abstract multicolored nail design is a real mood and confidence booster. It’s perfect for spring and summer.

12. Black And White 90s French Tips

This black and white French manicure has the ‘90s shape but modern design which makes it both trendy and retro. How awesome is that?

13. 90s Baby Pink French Tips

I can promise you one thing: back in the ‘90s, all the “it” girls were rocking pink. To be exact, they were obsessed with baby pink and this exact shape and design of nails.

14. 90s Green And Baby Blue French Tips

Green and baby blue French tips on square shaped nails are striking, and fresh. Not only that: it gives off a fun vibe as well.

15. 90s Baby Blue French Tips

If you’re looking for perfect sea nails, you’ve found them. This coffin shape combined with baby blue shade will impress everyone at the beach.

16. 90s Summer French Nails

Let’s continue with the same vibes. This season, your nails should be multicolored and playful and that’s exactly what this mani is all about.

17. Barbie 90s French Nails

If you lived in the ‘90s, you know that the hype Barbie is going through now is nothing in comparison to the fame it had back then. What nail design could Barbie possibly wear other than pink French tips?

18. Fall Themed 90s French Manicure

‘90s inspired French nails have something to offer for every occasion and season. Fall months are no exception.

19. 3D Colorful 90s French Nails

3D colorful cuff of studs, straight line French tips, square shape, the matte top contrast… What more could a girl wish for from ‘90s French nails?

20. 90s Yellow French Tips

These yellow French manicure is perfect for spring but it can be worn throughout the year just fine. It’s the most flattering for dark skinned toned girlies.