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Your Inner Kid Will Love These 20 Y2K Duck Nails Tik Tok Brought Back

Your Inner Kid Will Love These 20 Y2K Duck Nails Tik Tok Brought Back

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Thin eyebrows, butterfly hair clips, chunky sneakers, crop tops… It looks like we’re all obsessed with the 2000s aesthetic all over again. But you know what’s been missing? Y2K duck nails! Luckily for all of us 2000s junkies, Tik Tok revived this iconic mani style!

1. Multicolored Y2K Duck Nails

One thing is for sure: these multicolored y2k duck nails will get you noticed wherever you appear. And they go great with every outfit.

2. 3D Y2K Duck Nails

Let’s be real: running everyday errands is not easy with these 3D y2k duck nails. They might not be for the office, but they’re cute as hell.

3. Hello Kitty Y2K Duck Nails

Hello Kitty is one of the biggest icons of the 1999. and 2000. Therefore, it’s no surprise it got its place on this list.

4. Black French Tips Y2K Duck Nails

These black French tips on y2k duck nails are mysterious and romantic at the same time. It’s an elegant twist on a retro style.

5. Pink French Tips Y2K Duck Nails

Can you imagine 1999. and 2000. years without the color pink? I don’t think so. That is why these French tips are the best choice you can make.

6. Croc Y2K Duck Nails

Are you brave enough to rock green croc French tips on duck-shaped manicure? If the answer is yes, it should be your go-to style.

7. Black And White Y2K Duck Nails

Having doubts about your next choice of color? You can never go wrong with the timeless combination of black and white.

8. French Manicure On Short Y2K Duck Nails

How do short duck y2k nails look like? Awesome, especially when combined with a classic white French tips.

9. Cherry Y2K Duck Nails

Are you looking for an ideal spring or summer y2k duck nails? 3D cherry nail art will give an adorable touch to your style.

10. Neon Y2K Duck Nails

Neon duck y2k nails is for the bold only. If you want to go an extra mile, add a blingy Playboy bunny, as a real symbol of 2000s.

11. Chunky French Tips On Y2K Duck Nails

When you think of 90s-inspired nail styles, the first thing that comes through your mind are chunky French tips on pink base. Well, they are characteristic for 2000s as well.

12. Subtle Duck-Shaped Nails

You’re in love with y2k duck nails but also need a professional, office-friendly look? This subtle manicure is right for you!

13. Glittery Y2K Duck Nails

Is there a special event coming ahead? These glittery y2k duck nails are ideal for a bridal or a prom look.

14. Bow Y2K Duck Nails

Besides being incredibly popular, bows make everything ten times delightful and enchanting. If you don’t believe me, just look at this cuteness.

15. Neon Green Y2K Duck Nails

Duck shaped nails, neon green color, silver nail jewelry and glitter on top of it all? Are you edgy enough to go for this manicure style?

16. XL Y2K Duck Nails

Talking about edgy y2k duck nails… If you’re looking for a baddie manicure, you’ve found one. But let’s not disregard the little romantic touch on these nails.

17. Y2K Sea Duck Nails

It’s time to outshine everyone at the beach this summer. No, you don’t need an expensive outfit; these sea y2k duck nails will be more enough.

18. Ombre Duck Nails

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you’ve noticed how popular ombre nails are. It’s time to pair them with another trend: y2k duck nails.

19. Animal Print Y2K Duck Nails

Animal print paired with gorgeous shade of pink is made for my baddies only. For a maximum effect, ask your nail artist to add some jewelry to this awesome manicure.

20. Dollar Art On Y2K Duck Nails

Wondering how to decorate your y2k duck shaped nails? This eye-catching inspo pic has everything you need and more.