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These 20 90s Blonde Hair Ideas Are Here To Dominate The 2024

These 20 90s Blonde Hair Ideas Are Here To Dominate The 2024

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90s blonde hair is the nostalgic style viewed on all the celebrities, movie stars, models and the “it” girls of the decade. To bring you up to speed, let me tell you that this hairstyle is back and here are the new ways to wear it.

1. 90s Blonde Babylights And Face Framing Highlights

Guess what: this hair hasn’t been dyed completely. Instead, you’re looking at the combination of blonde babylights and face-framing highlights.

2. 90s Flicky Blonde Hairstyle

With this combo, you’ll look like a real 90s babe. The color is there, the flicky haircut is there and of course, the blowout is there.

3. 90s Bronde Hair Color

Light shades of blonde were not the only thing popular back in the 90s. 90s bronde (the perfect pairing of blonde and brown) was a huge hit back then and it’s regaining its popularity.

4. 90s Blonde On Medium Length Hair

You want to know what else is regaining its popularity? Medium length hair, especially when combined with 90s blonde.

5. Natural 90s Blonde

I know you’d like to have naturally blonde hair. But hey, wouldn’t we all? Sadly, since this is not an option, I present you with this gorgeous shade that came straight from the 90s.

6. Sharon Stone With 90s Blonde Hair

Let’s face it, Sharon Stone was one of the hottest sex symbols of the decade. And you know what helped her to the throne? Her blonde hair.

7. 90s Beige Blonde

90s beige blonde is the most flattering for medium, light or even dark but cool or neutral skin undertones. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself.

8. 90s Blonde Ponytail

Guess what: Ariana Grande didn’t invent high ponytails. In fact, there were a thing back in the 90s as well and always go spectacularly well with blonde hair color.

9. 90s Blonde On Inside Out Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

How cool is this 90s blonde messy hairstyle? It can be worn as a pool day hair idea, as an office hairstyle or even for special occasions.

10. 90s Blonde Messy Bun

The 90s blonde messy bun or popularly called the Pam glam, since Pamela Anderson was the one who popularized it. Well, it’s trendier than ever.

11. Whitney Houston With 90s Blonde Hair

Can a woman of color pull off 90s blonde hair color? Absolutely yes! I mean, if Whitney Houston could do it, why couldn’t you?

12. 90s Blonde On Uma Thurman

90s blonde looked spectacular on another sex symbol of the time, Uma Thurman. She is a prime example of how good it goes with blue eyes.

13. 90s Bright Blonde

The brighter, the better. This 90s bright blonde hair color works wonders on yellow, peachy and gold skin undertones.

14. 90s Chunky Blonde Highlights

Not all 90s babes dyed all of their tresses blonde. Some of them rocked blonde chunky highlights on dark base color.

15. 90s Caramel Blonde

If you have warm or neutral skin undertones on a darker complexion, choose 90s caramel blonde. Trust me, it will suit your skin perfectly.

16. Bold 90s Bleached Money Piece

The money piece was the 90s signature look and it’s fashionable once again. The trick is to make as striking contrast as possible between the money piece and the rest of your hair.

17. 90s Root Melt Technique On Blonde Hair

Root melt technique became popular towards the end of the 90s when women started going for a more natural-looking style. Here’s a secret: it saves you a lot of money, time and effort on constant touch-ups.

18. 90s Blonde On Anne Nicole Smith

It would be impossible to talk about 90s blonde hair color without mentioning the icon Anne Nicole Smith. This was a woman who really knew how to rock blond hair.

19. 90s Playboy Blonde

And don’t even get me started on the Playboy bunnies, the legends of their time. If you want to achieve this look, you’ll need to bleach your hair hard and tan ever harder.

20. 90s Blonde On Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair tends to be boring, especially if you don’t style it right. That’s why you should take into consideration combining it with 90s blonde color.