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Fall In Love With These Wedding Hairstyles Perfect For Every Bride

Fall In Love With These Wedding Hairstyles Perfect For Every Bride

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Is the most important day of your life approaching? In that case, I have some good news: you don’t have to worry about your wedding hairstyle because I’ve got you covered. Just take a look at these bridal hairdos and pick the perfect one for you!

1. Low Bun Wedding Hairstyle

This low-bun wedding hairstyle is elegant, classy and sophisticated. If you want to make upgrade it even more, add a head-piece to the updo and a matching set of earrings. 

2. Bouncy Blowout

A bouncy blowout is an ideal wedding hairstyle for all those brides who have long, shiny hair. Don’t worry- your tresses don’t have to be extra thick to achieve this look. I’m sure your hairstylist will know how to tease your hair the right way so it ends up looking more volumnious. 

3. Wavy Ponytail

The best thing about ponytails is that they’re suitable for literally every occasion. You can wear them as an everyday style, especially on a wash day but they also look gorgeous as a wedding hairstyle. This wavy ponytail is an ideal example of that. 

4. Half-Up Half-Down With Headband

If you’re going for a fashionable look, you should definitely choose the trendiest hairstyle of the season: half-up, half-down hairdo. To add a bit of charm to it, pair it with a shiny headband. 

5. High Bun With Crown

Which bride doesn’t want to look like a real-life Princess on her wedding day? Well, now, you can make it happen with this high bun with a crown hairstyle. Here’s a little secret: this wedding hairstyle is not only beautiful; it’s also practical because you won’t spend the night worrying about your hair getting on your face. 

6. Rebel Chic

Are you brave enough to step out of the ordinary and be a unique, never-seen-before bride? If the answer is yes, this rebel chic wedding hairstyle should be your top pick. One thing is for sure: your guests will talk about your look!

7. Braided Low Updo

A braided low-updo will give an elegant, yet romantic feel to your entire look. Ask your stylist to leave a few strands of hair for a more careless and casual look, especially if you’re a young bride. 

8. Mermaid Braid

A mermaid braid will add the illusion of volume and thickness to your locks. Don’t worry if you don’t have long hair because your stylist won’t have trouble adding a couple of extra strands of extensions to this hairstyle. 

9. Curled Hair With Flower Piece

Here’s another romantic wedding hairstyle ideal for gentle, young brides. This hairdo is perfect for spring or even for a beach wedding. The best thing about it is that it’s cute and sexy at the same time. 

10. French Twist

French twsit updo is a true classic that can never go out of fashion. The best thing about it is that you can even do it yourself. Just sweep all your hair to one side, and secure it with bobby pins. After that, twist your hair in the opposite direction and tuck the ends. Voila, you’ve got yourself an ideal wedding hairstyle.  

11. ‘90s-Inspired High Bun

Gen Z calls this a Kim-Kardashian-updo but millennials will know that this actually a ‘90s-inspired updo. Knowing this, you understand why this is a trendy yet timeless wedding hairstyle you can’t afford to miss. 

12. Open Curls With Head Piece

Open curls combined with an extra large, shiny accessory look absolutely breathtaking. This bridal hairstyle will add glam to your entire look so you’re allowed to choose a simpler wedding dress. 

13. Curled Ponytail With Braids

Don’t worry, your hair doesn’t have to necessarily be this thick and long to get this wedding look. You can easily purchase a natural-looking ponytail and ask your stylist to incorporate it into your hairstyle. Just make sure to find a matching shade. 

14. Crown Braids

But what if you don’t want to go with bling accessories but still want your hair to look as spectacular as possible. In that case, your wedding style of choice should, without a doubt, be a crown braid. 

15. Ponytail With Pearls

Adding pearls to your ponytail will bring a dash of old Hollywood glamour to your wedding day. You’ll look and feel like a real superstar despite this being a simple hairstyle at a first glance. 

16. Boho Wedding Hairstyle

Give your wavy or curly hair an upgrade by adding different type of braids to it. If you want to make it even more interesting, a floral piece will do the trick. 

17. Side-Parted Wavy Wedding Hairstyle

I get it: you’re a simple girl who doesn’t want to go over-the-top with her hair even though this is your big day. Worry not, I’ve got you covered. This side-parted wavy wedding hairstyle is exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

18. Half Ponytail

We’ve already established one thing: ponytails are life-savers in all occasions, including wedding days. But I bet you haven’t thought of THIS half ponytail. It gives your hair movement and makes your locks visually thicker. 

19. Rose-Shaped Low Bun

I hate to break it to you but this is not a DIY wedding hairstyle. In fact, you’ll have to find a skilled hairstylist, preferably the one specialized in wedding and formal hairstyles. But I promise you: it’s worth the trouble and the money. 

20. Effortlessly Elegant Updo

Yes, you’ve read it right: you can look elegant and effortless at the same time and this is the wedding hairstyle to help you achieve it. Some brides are scared of looking too stiff if they go for an overly elegant hairstyle. If you’re one of them, this hairdo is your go-to look. 

21. Wedding Hairstyle For Short To Medium Hair

Long-haired brides are not the only one entitled to looking their best at the wedding day. If you don’t trust me, check out this wedding hairstyle for short to medium hair and you’ll start believing in magic again. 

22. Bubble Ponytail

A bubble ponytail is a badass hairstyle nobody will be indifferent to. It goes great when paired with long, slim-cut wedding dresses and with heavy make-up.

23. Bouncy Ponytail

On the other hand, a bouncy ponytail has a more romantic vibe and it’s suitable for lace dresses that will make you look like a Disney princess. And what more could a bride wish for?