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Top 23 Prom Hairstyles Guaranteed To Be A Huge Hit In 2024

Top 23 Prom Hairstyles Guaranteed To Be A Huge Hit In 2024

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The countdown to the most glamorous night of your life (so far) has begun. You are almost ready, all that is missing is a perfect hairstyle. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here you have the ultimate photo gallery of hairstyles that are super trendy and bound to make you shine. Follow us into the world of prom hair perfection and find the style that will leave everyone in awe.

1. High Bun 

Not too sleek, not too messy, a perfect high bun which adds a touch of softness to the overall prom look. It’s a stunningly glamorous look that fits well with any dress!

2. Hollywood Waves & Head Band

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” It’s you, my prom queen because you dared to be different and add a fabulous headband to glamorous Hollywood waves. 

3. Exceptional Half Up Half Down 

Half up half down is one of the most popular prom hairstyles. But this one is truly captivating. The top section has a lattice-like pattern while the bottom half waves provide a romantic contrast. Just wow!

4. Bun of Waves 

The most photogenic of all prom hairstyles because it offers a timeless elegance, comfort, and a touch of sophistication. Absolutely radiant and chic!

5. Half Up Half Down With a Twist 

Versions of half up half down are numerous and this one might be the one for you. It combines the best of both worlds: relaxed charm of wavy locks and the intricate elegance with the twisted detail on top. 

6. Hair Gems 

Combining gems on the front sleek part of the hair and continuing in wavy locks, offers a striking combination of sophistication and beauty. An ultra-glamorous and on-trend appearance. 

7. Short Prom Hairstyle 

If you have a short and straight hairstyle curling it up is the perfect prom choice. Your hairstyle gets volume and softness and you get that wow effect you need for your important night. 

8. Shoulder Length Hair Updo 

Updo on a shorter hair is not impossible and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Low messy buns are an ideal hairstyle for middle hair length. This hairstyle is a masterpiece of modern glam. 

9. Fishtail Hair Up 

Talk about bohemian elegance! Fishtail braid adds a touch of whimsy while the high bun provides a chic and polished finish. Mesmerizing hairstyle!

10. High Wavy Ponytail 

Regardless if your high ponytail is wavy or sleek it will accentuate your facial features and neckline. Plus it complements prom dresses perfectly. The hairstyle that is laying the fashion game. 

11. Dreamy Crown Braid

No matter if you end up being the prom queen, you deserve to be your own queen. So start by wearing a crown braid that is super trendy, relaxed and dreamy hairstyle. 

12. Half Up on Middle Length Hair 

One more great hairstyle idea for shorter hair. Half up half down is truly one of the best styles for any occasion. Alluring and interesting! 

13. Short Hair Inspo 

When someone says you can’t do much with short hair on your prom day, just show him this photo. All the hairdos are amazing just pick the one that matches your dress the best. 

14. Dutch Braid & Low Bun 

For an enchanting feel go with a dutch braid ending in a low bun. Few messy strands add to a relaxed and tender feel. This hairstyle reflects your unique and modern style. 

15. Messy Low Bun

Get your glam on with this modern boho inspired low bun. Few longer strands of hair effortlessly frame the face and pearl claw clips add extra elegance. Just dreamy! 

16. Low Knot 

For a more polished and elegant look go with a low knot bun. It will go great with dresses that cover your upper body. Perfection is hidden in simplicity! 

17. Afro Inspired Curls 

Truly a unique style for someone with straight hair. It reflects your individuality and confidence. Works great with all hair lengths and colors and it’s a style fusion like no other. 

18. Glam Ponytail

Polished version of a high ponytail really gives a tasteful, polished and refined vibe to your entire look. You won’t just be just prom ready, you’ll be red carpet ready. 

19.  French Braid & High Ponytail 

Big hair deserves a big hairstyle. French braid blending into soft cascading waves gives a luxurious and grand impression. A royal look for your ball! 

20. Half Up Half Down 

The only problem with half up half down hairstyles for prom is in choosing just one you like. Well if your eyes are stacked on this one you have found yours. Bewitching and attractive style indeed! 

21. Classy Low Ponytail

Low ponytail is one of prom’s  favorite hair ideas this season. This pull through is really eye catching. They are a sophisticated and versatile choice that offers a timeless elegance.

22. Big Bun 

If you are in search of a power hairstyle look no further. This big bun gives you an instant boost of confidence and style for any occasion. 

23. Unique Low Braid

Braids are not prom’s most thought of choice that’s why they are perfect choices. You can choose your own version but this one is an original and chic choice that puts you at the spotlight.