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Umbrella Hair Is Here To Give You The Signature Look You Crave

Umbrella Hair Is Here To Give You The Signature Look You Crave

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It’s pretty simple: if you want umbrella hair, ask your hair colorist to dye your hair in two different colors, one layered over another. Do the colors must be complementing? Or should they be contrasting? The choice is all yours. Either way, I can promise you one thing: you’ll end up with a bombing, one-of-a-kind hairstyle.

1. Pink Blush Umbrella Hair

Pink blush umbrella hair gives both girly and edgy vibes. And it will definitely get you all the attention you need and more.

2. Red Umbrella Hair

Wow! I can promise you one thing: red umbrella hair will be huge this season. So you better be the first one to rock it.

3. Umbrella Color Melt

I’ll be honest with you: umbrella color melt is not the easiest hairstyle in the world to maintain. But it’s certainly one of the most beautiful ones.

4. Short Umbrella Hair

Short umbrella hair is a statement look nobody can stay indifferent to. It’s unique and lets you express your individuality.

5. Blonde Over The Rainbow Umbrella Hair

Does this blonde over the rainbow color umbrella hair requires bleaching? Yes. That means that you’ll have to take extra care of your tresses if you want to pull it off.

6. Pink Umbrella Hair

This is more than just a regular pink ombre; it’s pink umbrella hair and it’s absolutely stunning. Try it and let me know how you like it.

7. Black And Teal Umbrella Hair

I bet you had no idea how black and teal shades go exceptionally well together. Well now you do and it’s time to rock this hairstyle.

8. Elegant Umbrella Hair

Umbrella hair doesn’t have to be edgy and funky. You can pull off a professional look with this style as well and this is proof of that.

9. Turquoise And Green Shaggy Umbrella Hair

Turquoise and green, combined with brownish tip? All of that paired with umbrella hair? Sounds like a must-try hairdo to me.

10. Pink And Black

Pink and black have always been a top tier combo. It’s time to bring new life to it with this umbrella hair.

11. Black And Yellow Umbrella Hair

Black and yellow umbrella hair will refresh your look and reinvent your entire image. It’s a bold style only brave ladies can pull off.

12. Blue And Black Umbrella Hair

If you want to get under the spotlight, you’ve just found your signature look. Run to your hair colorist and show them this inspo pic.

13. Umbrella Hair Transformation

Revamp your boring bob cut with a splash of color and become a trendsetter over night. That’s right, I’m talking about umbrella hair transformation.

14. Multicolored Umbrella Hair

If you choose the best shades, multicolored umbrella hair will spice up your overall style with just the right amount of funkiness and edginess.

15. Billie Eillish Umbrella Hair

You already know that Billie Eillish is the “it” girl when it comes to hair. So if she’s wearing umbrella hair, it can only mean one thing: this hairstyle is trending.

16. Miley Cyrus Umbrella Hair

Unlike Billie Eillish, Miley Cyrus chose a less funky combo and pulled blonde and brunette umbrella hair which is always an excellent pick.

17. Kristen Stewart Umbrella Hair

Kristen Stewart showed the world that you can rock non-binary haircuts and still be in trend. How cute is this hairdo?

18. Demi Lovato Umbrella Hair

Demi Lovato’s umbrella hair gives mermaid vibes, making it every girl’s dream. Here’s a quick tip: for starters, try a semi-permanent color and then if you like it, you can dye your hair for real.

19. Beyoncé Umbrella Hair

Beyoncé’s umbrella hair is elegant, classy and gives off the fashionable ’90s vibe, especially when paired with a blowout. It’s living proof that this hairstyle is suitable for women of all ages.

20. FKA Twigs Umbrella Hair

FKA Twig is brave enough to pair two contemporary trends: umbrella hair and black and red hair. And it looks absolutely flawless.

21. Winnie Harlow Umbrella Hair

There is no doubt about one thing: Winnie Harlow has got a spotless fashion sense. This vibrant hairstyle proved my point!