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The Ribbon Hairstyle Is Trending And These 20 Inspo Pics Prove It

The Ribbon Hairstyle Is Trending And These 20 Inspo Pics Prove It

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Are you ready to see the list of carefully handpicked ribbon hairstyle ideas for every occasion imaginable? I can promise you one thing: regardless of your hair length, type or texture, you’ll find a perfect style that suits you best!

1. Bow On Ponytail Braids

Ponytail braids are a low-maintenance hairstyle that comes in handy on your wash day. If you want to add some spice, decorate them with transparent ribbons.

2. Ribbons On Braided Pigtails

Whoever told you that ribbon braided pigtails are for little girls only is lying straight to your face. This inspo pic is living proof of that.

3. Half Up Half Down Ribbon Hairstyle

Looking for a baddie hairstyle? You’ve found one. Don’t you hear it? Half up, half down ribbon hairstyle is calling your name.

4. Ribbon Hairstyle On Half Braided Long Hair

One thing is for sure: whatever color of the ribbons you choose for this hairstyle, you can’t go wrong. It’s elegant, classy and trendy.

5. Bows On Bubble Piggy Tails

Ribbons go perfectly well on bubble piggy tails, especially if you choose a girly color such as pink. It’s an awesome style for every day or for special occasion.

6. Mini Bows On Long Hair Down

What if you’re not so crafty but want a DIY ribbon hairstyle? Say no more! Just add as much ribbons as you want to your long hair, wear it down and you’re good to go.

7. Ribbon On Claw-Clip Hairstyle

Social media has gone crazy over claw-clip hairstyles and over ribbon hairstyles. So, why wouldn’t you pair them both?

8. Ribbon Braided In Hair

I’ll be honest with you: it’s practically impossible to make this hairstyle by yourself. But, the next time, you pay your favorite salon a visit, ask them to braid the ribbon into your hair.

9. Unique Ribbon Hairstyle On Wavy Hair

Would you believe me if I told you that this ribbon hairstyle is actually much easier than it seems? More importantly, it’s one of the kind!

10. Bows On Low Messy Bun

Low messy bun is one of the most universal hairstyles out there. You can wear it around the house but if you add a couple of bows to it, it suddenly becomes a wedding-worthy hairstyle.

11. Knit Ribbon On Loose Side Braid

How cool is this knit ribbon? And you know what can make it even cooler? Pairing it with a low side ponytail.

12. Ribbon Wedding Hairstyle

Instead of going for a typical updo, surprise your guests and rock a ribbon wedding hairstyle. I guarantee you’ll be the most beautiful bride ever!

13. Ribbon On Strand Dutch Braids

There strand Dutch braids are true art and only a skilled braider can turn them into reality. Don’t forget to add ribbons for maximum effect.

14. Ribbon Mid-Length Hairstyle

Ribbons are not made for long hair only. In fact, they have the power to instantly upgrade a dull, medium-length hairstyle.

15. Ribbons On Double Ponytail

Ribbons on a double ponytail are a perfect solution for all of you thin and fine-haired girlies. This hairstyle will give you the illusion of volume and thickness.

16. Two Braids With Ribbon Hearts

Two braids with ribbon hearts is an eye-catching hairstyle that will make you the center of attention wherever you appear.

17. Coquette Ribbon Hairstyle

Yes, it’s possible to be cute and flirty at the same time. The only thing you need to make this happen is a coquette ribbon hairstyle.

18. Christmas Ribbon Hairstyle

Looking for an ideal Christmas hairstyle? You’ve found one! These red bows paired with braids are a great match with your decorations.

19. Twisted Bun Ribbon Hairstyle

This twisted bun with ribbons is comfortable to wear but at the same time, it stays in place if the ribbon is placed properly.

20. Sock Bun Ribbon Hairstyle

Welcome to the easiest ribbon hairstyle out there! Just make a regular sock bun and add a ribbon or a bow to elevate it.