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Summer Nail Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2024

Summer Nail Trends That Are Going To Be Huge In 2024

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As the sun-soaked days approach, it’s time to switch things up with a burst of color and a whole lot of sparkle. 

From 3D bows and florals to dazzling chrome and glitter, this season’s nail trends are all about making a statement. 

Get ready to nail the season with the trendiest and most Insta-worthy looks that will leave your friends asking where you got those fabulous nails.

1. Chrome Nails

Shine bright like a diamond this summer with chrome nails that reflect the sun’s rays. One of the biggest 2024 nail trends, this futuristic mani will add ultra glam to your summer vibes.

2. Sky Blue Nails

Another 2024 trend perfect for the summer—sky blue nails that channel the clear summer sky on a perfect day. This dreamy hue will bring a breath of fresh air to your manicure.

3. Aura Nails

The aura nail trend will be everywhere this summer, bringing the vibrant energy of summer days and the enchanting vibes of sunset nights. This mani uses an airbrush technique to add a hazy circle of color in the center to the base—it’s just up to you to pick your perfect hues.

4. Glitter Nails

Add fine glitter to any color(s) to have a mani that sparkles under the summer sun, making your days a little bit more enchanting. And when the sun sets, they become the ultimate party-ready accessory, turning your fingertips into the focal point of your summer night outfit.

5. Balletcore Nails

Balletcore is still going strong, so if you’re into this pretty and graceful aesthetic, here’s the nail inspo for the summer. Soft pastels and delicate designs create a sweet vibe perfect for a walk in the park sipping iced coffee on a sunny afternoon.

6. Pearl Nails

This sophisticated, timeless mani captures the shine and classic style of pearls. This makes it perfect both for casual beachy chic looks and effortlessly elegant summer style.

7. Metallic Nails

Go bold or go home with metallic nails that shimmer and shine like the summer sun. Whether gold, silver, or anything in between, these nails are a statement piece that matches the sizzling temperatures.

8. Lip Gloss Nails

Dewy, sheer and juicy, lip gloss nails add a glossy pink finish to your mani. These nails have a high-shine effect that sparkles in the sunshine, capturing the playful and flirtatious spirit of summer.

9. Blue Marble Nails

This wild blue marble mani is a masterpiece on your fingertips. A different vibe from calm seas and clear blue skies, these mesmerizing swirls channel ocean waves and summer storms.

10. Coquette Nails

The playful and flirty coquette nails are all about capturing that sweet spot between innocence and allure. Pearls, bows and pastels define the aesthetic, and this mani hits the spot with just the right amount of these elements.

11.Floral 3D Nails

These 3D floral nails are small and subtle enough to be manageable and worn in daily life but they’re still a statement look—everyone will notice this intricate design and ask to see it from up close.

12. Neon Nails

Neons can be called a summer classic: whether it’s electric pink, highlighter yellow, or neon green, these colors capture the vibrant energy of summer nights

13. Strawberry Glazed Donut Nails

Treat yourself to a delicious manicure that’s good enough to eat! Strawberry glazed donut nails bring glossy sweetness to your fingertips, featuring a sheer pink hue with a glazed finish.

14. Glass And Glitter Nails

Flecks of glitter on a glassy base—this high glamor mani will reflect sun rays lounging on the beach holding a drink and sparkle under the lights of the club on a summer night.

15. Vanilla Nails

Creamy vanilla is sweet, simple and sophisticated, the perfect neutral accessory for any outfit, allowing your personality to shine through and always in style.

16. Velvet Nails

Imagine the lush feel of velvet translated into a manicure: these nails are where glam meets comfort. Soft, plush and luxurious, a manicure that’s perfect for summer nights out. 

17. Summer Bright Nails

Bright colors define the vibrant spirit of summer. Pops of lively color perfectly match summer vibes: bold oranges, radiant yellows, and playful blues capture the perfect summer day. 

18. Jelly Nails

Translucent jelly nails are bold and delicate at the same time. This pretty and playful mani trend will bring a touch of whimsy to your summer style.

19. Holo Glitter Nails

Metallics, glitter and holo—these nails take sparkle to a whole new dimension. Get ready to shine and shimmer all summer long!

20. Milky White Nails

The simplicity of milky white nails is the perfect fresh and clean summer look. These nails are the perfect match for showing off your summer tan and accessorizing with vibrant colors.

21. Blue Tips And Pearls Nails

Put a fresh spin on the classic French manicure with blue tips accessorized with pearls. This modern twist adds a pop of color and a touch of glamor to a classic look.

22. Liquid 3D Nails

These 3D nails take texture to the next level, resembling liquid art that moves and flows. Get ready for a summer of artistic expression!

23. Gold Foils Nails

This manicure incorporating gold foils is like wearing a piece of jewelry on your fingertips, making you feel like a summer queen. Luxurious and opulent!

24. Pastels Nails

These pastel combo nails are giving the soft and dreamy vibes of summer. From soothing lavenders to cotton candy pinks, pastels are the perfect choice for a playful and charming manicure.