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These 20 Hydro Bob Cuts Are This Season’s Most Asked-About Hairstyles

These 20 Hydro Bob Cuts Are This Season’s Most Asked-About Hairstyles

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Hydro bob has been having a resurgence lately, thanks in part to the trend that’s been all over social media and among celebrities. Interpretations of the hairstyle can vary but the trend itself isn’t going anywhere soon.

1. Hailey Bieber Hydro Bob

If there’s one thing Hailey Bieber will do, it’s provide the masses with fashion inspiration. So if she says that hydro bob is trending, there is no arguing about it.

2. J.Lo Hydro Bob

And don’t even get me started on the fashion icon for decades– J.Lo. Her latest look proves that she is as obsessed with hydro bob as we are.

3. Hydro Bob With Bangs

Hydro bobs with bangs is a style that will boost your confidence in a blink of an eye. It will make you look sexier than ever.

4. Classy Hydro Bob

Yes, hydro bob is usually considered to be an edgy hairstyle with elements of badassy. But here’s living proof that it can be the classiest hairdo ever.

5. Wavy Hydro Bob

Hydro bob cuts are perfect for wavy hair texture. This hairstyle is low-maintenance and it gives you a effortlessly cute appearance.

6. Curly Hydro Bob

What if you naturally curly hair? Well, it looks awesome when paired with hydro bob cut as well. This combo makes you look fresher than ever.

7. Inverted Hydro Bob

An inverted hydro bob is wearable as all get-out. One thing is for sure: wherever you show up, this hairstyle will get you noticed.

8. Androgynous Hydro Bob

An androgynous hydro bob is probably the most low-maintenance cut in the bunch. At the same time, it makes you look cooler than ever.

9. Sleek Back Hydro Bob

Speaking of cool looks… This sleek-back hydro bob will grant you the status of the most fashionable girl in town. All you need is a bit of hair gel and you’re good to go.

10. Hydro Bob For Fine Hair

Instead of craving long tresses that make your hair look even thinner, the best thing for fine locks is a shorter cut. I strongly suggest considering a hydro bob.

11. Hydro Bob With Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights make everything better. And nothing flatters them more than an eye-catching cut. What could be better than a hydro bob?

12. Hydro Bob With See-Through Bangs

Put some extra zing into a hydro bob with see-through bangs. They give the hairdo versatility and are always in style.

13. Voluminous Hydro Bob Cut

This hydro bob majorly delivers in the volume department. Here, stacked layers do a whole lot of magic you can’t be indifferent to.

14. Soft Blunt Hydro Bob

If you’re trying to update your hairdo, ask your hairdresser for a soft blunt hydro bob. Take the length up to your chin and don’t forget bangs.

15. French Hydro Bob

A French bob cut is always chic and fashionable. But if you want an updated version, this inspo-pic awaits you.

16. Long Hydro Bob

If you’re scared to make the big chop, meet your hair goals in the middle with this long bob. And don’t forget to make it hydro.

17. Elegant Hydro Bob

This hydro bob will make you look luxurious and sophisticated. It’s living proof that this is a universal look that can be worn at all occasions.

18. Side-Parted Hydro Bob

I can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t rock this signature side-parted hydro bob. It has plenty of styling potential and it gives you the right amount of edginess.

19. Orange Hydro Bob

One super stylish hydro bob, please. Of course, that means the cut has to be paired with a trendy, effective hair color. This time, it’s an appealing shade of orange.

20. Blonde Hydro Lob

Shorter in the back, and longer in front, with alluring color, this blonde hydro bob is a real statement-making hairdo.