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25 Absolutely Gorgeous Ways To Get Blonde Blowout For Your Next Look

25 Absolutely Gorgeous Ways To Get Blonde Blowout For Your Next Look

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Whether your blonde hair is short, medium-length, or long, getting a blowout will give it extra volume, dimension, and movement. And it will give your appearance more personality! Blonde blowout has come in and out of vogue for couple of times in the past decades and now it’s trending again!

1. White Blonde Blowout

White blonde hair color is not the easiest to maintain, I have to admit that. But if you’re one of the lucky girls who can pull this shade while keeping your hair healthy, please show it off with a blowout.

2. Blonde Blowout Transformation

The next time you assume that styling your hair is not that important, go back to this inspo pic and see the transformation a simple blowout can make!

3. Blonde Blowout With Side Bangs

You need a skilled hairstylist if you have side bangs and you want a blowout. But if you do find one, this style will elevate your entire look.

4. Bouncy Blonde Blowout

A bouncy blowout will make your blonde hair look more voluminous than ever. Most importantly, it will give you the thickness you crave.

5. Cali Blonde Blowout

Cali blonde is the perfect shade for summer since it makes your tresses look sun-kissed. Don’t forget to pair it with a magnificent blowout.

6. Blonde Balayage Blowout

A balayage paired with a blowout will give your hair dimension and texture, without allowing your hairdo to ever look plain or boring.

7. Platinum Blonde Blowout

A blowout on your platinum blonde locks will immediately boost your self-esteem and make you look more powerful than ever. Try it and you’ll see it for yourself.

8. Blended Blonde Blowout

This blended blonde blowout screams trendy mob wife aesthetic. It’s a great style for an every day office look or for special occasions.

9. Blonde Blowout With Bangs

When you combine bangs, blowout and blonde hair color, as a result you get a hairstyle everyone falls in love with at first sight.

10. ’90s-Inspired Blonde Blowout

Doesn’t this inspo-pic remind you of Farah Fawcett’s iconic look? Well, the ’90s aesthetic is back and this blowout is the main theme!

11. Vintage Blond Blowout

A vintage blonde blowout like this will get you noticed, that’s for sure. It’s perfect for your wedding or prom hairstyle since it’s so glamorous.

12. Blonde Blowdry With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are an ideal cut for a blowout, especially when they’re paired with a gorgeous shade of blonde like this one.

13. Blonde Babylights Blowout

Not to be too dramatic, but blonde babylights might me the color combo of the year. Has anyone ever seen this pairing without wanting it? I don’t think so.

14. Creamy Buttery Blonde Blowout

A creamy buttery blonde blowout is sophisticated and brings a touch of luxury to your style. If you’re going for an old money kind of look, this is it.

15. Vanilla Blonde Blowout

This flirty vanilla blonde blowout frames your face gorgeously and gives you an eye-catching, alluring look nobody will stay indifferent to.

16. Blonde Blowout For Women Over 50

The best thing about blonde blowout is the fact that it looks good on ladies of all styles and age groups. This hairdo for women over 50 is the perfect example of that.

17. Shoulder Length Blonde Blowout

You know what else? It’s appealing for all lengths as well. If you don’t believe me, I’ll let this shoulder length blonde blowout do the talking.

18. Strawberry Blonde Blowout

Strawberry blonde is trending, especially since the rise of cowgirl aesthetic. It’s time for you to show off that amazing shade. And what better way to do it then with a blowout?

19. Dimensional Blonde Blowout

A blowout on dimensional blonde hair gives your tresses depth, movement and dimension. And consequently, it elevates your whole appearance.

20. Blonde Bob Blowout

Remember when I told you that a blonde blowout is flattering for all hair lengths? Well, here is another example that proves it. If you want to avoid your bob cut from looking boring, show your stylist this inspo pic.

21. Blowout On Blonde Layered Cut

Here’s a little professional secret: layers and a blowout are a match made in heaven, especially if it’s paired with an awesome-looking shade of blonde.

22. Dirty Blonde Blowout

Warning: Seeing a blowout on dirty blonde hair might result in making a spontaneous hair appointment. And I promise you it will be worth it.

23. Powderly Blonde Blowout

A powdery blonde blowout will make you look younger and fresher than ever. Just make sure you have the right cut for it.

24. Blowout On Butterfly Cut

And what could be better than a butterfly cut to combine with a blowout? It frames you face, takes off the unnecessary weight of your tresses and gives you the illusion of volume.

25. Ash Beige Blonde Blowout

Give your signature ash blonde hair a fresh update and ask your stylist for a trendy blowout. The combo is both classic and stylish.