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These Chic Birthday Nails Inspirations Are Every Girl’s Dream

These Chic Birthday Nails Inspirations Are Every Girl’s Dream

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Your b-day styling can’t be perfect if your birthday nails aren’t on point, am I right? Well, you can cross that off your list because we’re bringing you the chicest designs and shapes out there. I promise you one thing: every birthday girl will find her match.

1. Aries Birthday Nails

As an Aries, you’re a strong, passionate, and confident woman. That is exactly why your birthday nails should mirror your personality the right way.

2. Taurus Birthday Nails

You’re not a Taurus if you don’t have an extravagant side, am I right? Well, what kind of a Taurus you’d be if you went for basic nails.

3. Gemini Birthday Nails

You’re indecisive about the design on your nails? Worry not, I’ve got your back. These nails combine different designs and are exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Cancer Birthday Nails

No matter how old you are, you’ll always be a Princess in heart. What a Princess needs is a fresh set of pink nails with a lot of nail art.

5. Leo Birthday Nails

Leo is not just a king of the jungle; Leo woman is the absolute queen of the Zodiac. And what nail design better than this to show it?

6. Virgo Birthday Nails

Since you’re so modest and unpretentious, this set of birthday nails is perfect for you because it brings just the right amount of fun to your big day.

7. Libra Birthday Nails

You have the strongest eye for aesthetics out of all zodiac signs. That is why your birthday nails have to be literally spotless. Luckily, you’ve found this awesome set.

8. Scorpio Birthday Nails

As a Scorpio, eye-catching set of nails for your b-day is non-negotiable. But instead of exposing your dark side and rocking all-black nails, surprise everyone with these appealing girly nails.

9. Sagittarius Birthday Nails

The arrows on your ring finger are subtle but still enough to make a statement. This is a fashion-forward set of nails everyone will love.

10. Capricorn Birthday Nails

Let the entire world know how proud you are of being a Capricorn. One thing is for sure: these nails will give you the spotlight.

11. Aquarius Birthday Nails

I can promise you one thing: everyone will be wowed by your birthday nails. Just make sure to get yourself a skilled nail artist because this set isn’t so easy to make.

12. Pisces Birthday Nails

You’re artistic, emotional and sensitive. These nails are the perfect way to reveal your true side to the world.

13. Birthday Acrylic Nails

When you hear the words birthday acrylic nails, you think of a set full of decorations everyone is stunned by. In that case, this inspo pic should be your top pick.

14. Simple Birthday Nails

What about more subtle ladies who don’t want to go over the top with their birthday nails? I’ve got you covered, as well.

15. White Birthday Nails

White birthday nails are an excellent choice for all of your b-day girls who plan on rocking the same set a couple of weeks after the big day. They look professional and neat.

16. Black Birthday Nails

Let your birthday nails reveal your dark, mysterious side. Of course, there is only one way to accomplish this: with the help of black nails.

17. Classy Birthday Nails

Check out how a simple set of nails becomes a true work of art with the help of these bling-bling ring finger decorations.

18. Pink Birthday Nails

Is your birthday party pink-themed? It’s time to complete your Princess look with these super-cute pink nails.

19. 18th Birthday Nails

Is there anything more special than 18th birthday? I don’t think so. And a special day like that deserves a special set of nails.

20. 21st Birthday Nails

If you think that the number 21 is too much, just rock these nails without it. They’ll still be chic and classy.

21. 30th Birthday Nails

Who told you that your 30th birthday nails have to be boring and serious? You’re more than welcome to awaken your girly side.

22. Cute Short Birthday Nails

There is no rule about the length of your birthday nails. This is your day and if you feel more comfortable with cute short nails, go for it.

23. Gold Birthday Nails

Gold nails never go out of fashion. Pair them with a sparkling outfit and shine bright like a diamond you are.

24. Fun Birthday Nails

Say hello to your quirky, edgy side with these fun birthday nails. You can show this inspo pic to your artist and make your own combination of colors.

25. Nude Birthday Nails

If classic nude nails are too boring for you, ask your stylist to add colorful zircons on all or some nails. That will make your set more interesting.