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Almond Nails Are The Biggest Hit This Season 

Almond Nails Are The Biggest Hit This Season 

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There is nothing a good manicure can’t fix. If you don’t believe this saying, here are the most stylish and elegant almond nails that will surely change your mind.

This nail shape suits everyone, but it especially flatters those with short palms and fingers because the almond shape visually elongates fingers and makes them look slimmer. They’re classy, sophisticated, and soon to become your fav nail shape.

1. Classic French Mani

French tip almond nails are the go-to classic manicure that goes with everything. They’re simple yet elegant and definitely one of the most popular nail designs.

2. Clean Look

Even though these aren’t the classic nude almond nails because they have this shiny coverage, they’re still as simple and beautiful as the classic nudes. This clean look is perfect for those who want to give themselves a break from ‘heavy’ designs and manicures.

3. Pastel Dreams

If you want a fashionable but simple almond nail design, check out these pastel nails. They’ll flatter extremely fabulous women with darker complexion.

4. Black Matte Nails With Details

Black almond nails are my favorite. You can match them with everything and decorate them however you want. This matte, zero-shine effect gives them fierce vibes and makes them look even more fabulous.

5. Milk Nails With A Touch Of Gold

Milky white almond nails represent the classy twist on a classic nude and French mani. They’re soft and, the golden shimmer makes them look more elegant and rich.

6. Valentine’s Day Nails

If you don’t know what nail design you should do this Valentine’s Day, here is a romantic idea. These nails are telling us that love is in the air.

7. Dark Blue With Marble Design

This manicurist nailed it. Literally! This marble design goes so amazing with this dark shade of blue.

8. Golden Nails

Some girls simply like unique manicures that will make their nails stand out. Gold color and details are always a good choice if you want your nails to be noticed.

9. Baby Blue Sweeties

These baby blue almond nails are the synonym for cuteness! They’re perfect for gentle souls who want to express their kind personality through their manicure.

10. Brown Ombre French

The French ombre almond nails won’t ever go out of style. You should take a spin on the traditional French ombre and do this zebra brown design.

11. Elegant Bridal Design

The almond nail shape is perfect for a bridal manicure because of its classy and elegant look. This half-French design and the elegant white and gold swirls will ensure you have the most flawless manicure on your BIG day.

12. Hearts Design

If you’re feeling romantic today, I’m sure you’ll instantly fall for this hearts mani. You can choose a more vibrant nail color to make this heart design pop.

13. Santa Hat Nail Design

Tell me honestly, aren’t these the most beautiful Christmas almond nails you’ve ever seen? I know! The Santa’s hat makes this design special and full of the holiday spirit.

14. Cream Nudes With Gold Chrome

This design definitely would look basic without these golden chrome swirls. These nails are perfect for everyone looking for an elegant mani with a touch of edginess.

15. Strawberry Wine Nails

These simple almond nails suit everyone. This shade of red will give juicy and refreshing vibes to your manicure.

16. Pink Mix

I can’t stop staring at these pink almond nails. The different pink designs and the almond shape make this set of nails overloaded with cuteness.

17. Swarovski Nails

Here is a perfect example of an extra-luxurious manicure made for special occasions. It’ll make your nails sparkly, and everyone else bedazzled.

18. Frozen Nails

frozen nails

If you don’t prefer classic, simple manicures, this unique, wow-worthy design is perfect for you.

19. Polka Dot Design

Here is a perfect example of how cute short almond nails can look, especially when you do a sweet design like this polka dot.

20. Two Tones French

If you usually prefer French manicures but want to spice it up a bit this time, try these long almond nails with a two-toned French design.

21. Stars Nail Design

This dreamy and elegant design is perfect for any occasion. Oh, and just look how gold jewelry makes this star nail art pop even more.

22. Brown Chrome Nails

If you’re into bold, futuristic, and a bit edgy designs, these brown chrome almond nails are the go-to idea for your next mani.

23. Purple Aura And Rose Gold Nails

This mani will make your hands glow. This shade of purple and the rose gold color pair so well together that I can’t blame you if you can’t take your eyes off this manicure.

24. Fall Nails

Make your nails fall-ready with this wonderful fall almond nail design. This cozy green color and leaf designs are simply breathtaking.

25. Holiday Season

The perfect manicure to announce and welcome the holiday season. You can choose other details if you don’t like these, but I wouldn’t change a thing because these nails slay just the way they are.

26. Red And Gold Swirls

The red color is very bold while gold has that dose of elegance. It is the reason they complement one another so well and give us such an interesting nail design.

27. Orange Nails With Flowers

If you are looking for a perfect summer almond nail design, you’ve just found it. This vibrant shade of orange embodies summertime happiness, and the flowery design adds a touch of cuteness.

28. Cute Bow Nails

I like to call this set ‘the nails worthy of a princess’. You’ll agree that they look like they’ve just come out of a fairytale, right? You can never go wrong with the combination of pink color and cute bow decor.

29. Playful Swirls

If you love vibrant and colorful designs, I’m sure you’ll love this set of nails. They’re left a bit sharper at the top to enhance these amazing swirls.

30. Freestyle Nail Design

In the end, you’re always free to create your design and get a personalized manicure. Place some motives that mean something to you and go with your current mood to create your freestyle mani.