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Angel Braids Are The Viral Hair Moment Of The Season

Angel Braids Are The Viral Hair Moment Of The Season

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Stay away from heat styling tools and instead, upgrade your look with a new hairstyle that will keep your tresses healthy. I’m talking about angel braids: a braided hairstyle braided along your hairline. If you’re still not sure if this is the style for you, these inspo pics will help you realize how awesome they are!

1. Candy Angel Braids

Angel braids are not eye-catching for you enough? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered: combine them with rainbow candy hair color.

2. Double Angel Braids

A double angel braid is a perfect hairstyle for special occasions that is suitable for all hair types. One thing is for sure: you’ll fall in love with this hairdo the moment you see it.

3. Halo Angel Braid

You know what’s the beauty of a halo angel braid? You can wear is as a pool hairstyle and as a bridal hairstyle.

4. Angel Braid On Ash Blonde Hair

Ash blonde hair looks awesome on dark roots. But if you really want to show off your appealing hair color, the best way to do it by braiding it.

5. Infinity Angel Braid

An infinity angel braid is not just nice-looking; it’s also practical. This hairstyle keeps your tresses off your face while making you look like a Princess.

6. Lopped Angel Braid

There is only one way to describe looped angel braids: breathtaking. And just wait how awesome your hair will look the day after!

7. Angel Braid On Extra Long Hair

You have no idea what to do with your extra long hair anymore? I understand you completely! But instead of using a straightening iron or a curler, just braid it.

8. Cascading Looped Angel Braids

I’ll be honest: cascaded looped angel braids are not an easy hairstyle you can do by yourself at home. But a skilled hairstylist will know how to make it!

9. Fishtail Angel Braids

Fishtail angel braids will give you an effortlessly glamorous and elegant look. It has just the right amount of messiness and the right amount of elegance.

10. XL Angel Braids

XL angel braids are impressive and wonderful. But the best thing about them is that they will make any hair look more voluminous and thicker.

11. Crown Braids With Floral Accessories

The right hair accessories make every hairstyle better, I can promise you that. If you want to upgrade your angel braids, these floral ornaments are just the right thing for you.

12. Dutch Angel Braids

Dutch angel braids will give you a Queen-like look. Not only that: with this hairstyle, you’ll feel like royalty as well.

13. French Braid Into Carousel Braid

If you really want to impress everyone around you, ask your hairstylist for the ideal combination of a fishtail braid and carousel braid.

14. Angel Braids Into Ponytail

Can’t decide between angel braids and a ponytail? You don’t have to! Just pair the two hairstyles and look better than ever.

15. Fairytale Angel Braids

It’s time to look like a real Disney Princess. Will you be Elsa or Little Mermaid, the choice is all yours. All you need is this amazing blue hair color paired with angel braids.

16. Waterfall Angel Braids

With waterfall angel braids, you need to use French braiding technique to braid the half of your hair while curling the rest. Here’s a pro tip: curl your tresses after braiding your hair.

17. Angel Braids On Bob Cut

Angel braids can improve every haircut in the world. If you think your bob cut is boring, this is the way to make it more interesting than ever.

18. Triple Twisted Angel Braids

Are you ready to be knocked off your feet? Just ask your stylist for triple twisted angel braids and show them this inspo pic.

19. Subtle Angel Braid

Subtle angel braids are a great way to quickly style your hair when you’re out of ideas. It’s an office-friendly hairstyle that can be worn every day.

20. Angel Braids On Short Hair

Can angel braids be worn on short hair? Absolutely yes! In fact, they’re a great way to make you feel like a real lady and give you a more feminine look.