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20 Patriotic 4th Of July Nails For A Festive Vibe

20 Patriotic 4th Of July Nails For A Festive Vibe

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Barbecue, hot dogs, fireworks, freedom… what more do you need for a perfect Independence Day? Well, this is your chance to say yes to holiday-themed manicure and rock special 4th of July nails like a real patriot.

1. Short 4th Of July Nails

How cute and enchanting are these short 4th of July nails? The best thing about this manicure that you can do it yourself with nail polish and just a few stickers.

2. Subtle Milky White 4th Of July Nails

I get it, you want 4th of July nails you can wear after the holiday as well. Don’t worry, I’ve got you with these milky white beauties!

3. Y2K Duck 4th Of July Nails

Haven’t you heard? Tik Tok brought back the ultimate trend of the early 2000s: y2k duck nails. And you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

4. Elegant 4th Of July Nails

If you’re a real lady, you look like a real lady even on a barbecue day out. But you’re also a patriot, aren’t you?

5. 4th Of July French Tips

Forget about the usual white French tips and give the classic manicure a patriotic twist. That’s right, I’m talking about 4th of July French manicure.

6. Floral 4th Of July Nails

Here’s another set of 4th of July nails that you can continue wearing for weeks after Independence day. They have all the USA colors but nobody will connect them with the holiday a few days after.

7. Glittery 4th Of July Nails

If you really want to stand out, ask your artist for glittery 4th of July manicure in the USA colors. But don’t stop there; rock the mismatched shape as well.

8. Fun Baby Blue 4th Of July Nails

It’s summer and it means one thing only: you can’t go wrong with blue nails, no matter the occasion. But since it’s USA Independence Day, I strongly recommend adding a dash of red and white to the equation.

9. USA Flag Nails

But if you’re feeling especially patriotic this year, ask your artist to paint the USA flag on your nails. Or do it yourself: you just need the right set of nail stamps.

10. XL 4th Of July Nails

One thing is for sure: these XL 4th of July nails will get you noticed wherever you appear. But to be honest, with them, you won’t be much of a help at the barbecue.

11. Square Shaped 4th Of July Nails

Square shaped nails are back in trend and they don’t plan on going anywhere. That is what makes them an excellent pick for your 4th of July manicure.

12. Stiletto 4th Of July Nails

Stiletto shaped manicure is an instant mood and confidence booster because it makes you sexy in a blink of an eye. Try it for yourself and let me know.

13. Tricolored Glittery 4th Of July Nails

Here’s another DIY 4th of July manicure: just paint your nails in red, white, and blue. You can use any nail polish but if you want to spice things up, add a bit of glitter to it.

14. Almond 4th Of July Nails

One thing is for sure: almond nails will never go out of style. Therefore, if 4th of July design is a bit too much for you, consider pairing it with a classic shape.

15. Coffin Shaped 4th Of July Nails

These coffin shaped 4th of July nails are for the brave only! They have everything you need for the perfect Independence Day: the coloring, the stripes, the stars, and of course, the right amount of glitter.

16. Comic Themed 4th Of July Nails

How awesome and unique are these comic themed 4th of July nails? I promise that this manicure will serve as everyone’s inspiration for next year.

17. Fireworks 4th Of July Nails

Can you imagine the 4th of July celebration without fireworks? Me neither! So, how could you picture 4th of July nails without it?

18. Red, White And Blue Swirls 4th Of July Nails

A mismatched manicure always draws a lot of attention, especially if you combine USA flag colors. And don’t forget that swirls are one of the most popular designs now.

19. Baddie 4th Of July Nails

It’s time to be sassy and badassy. These baddie 4th of July nails aren’t for everyone: just for my confident girlies who like to stand out from the crowd.

20. Eagle 4th Of July Nails

Real patriots know the importance of the eagle in our national pride. If you want to make your 4th of July nails even more dignified, this is the design to go for.