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These 20 Retro 2000s Chunky Highlights Are Having A Moment

These 20 Retro 2000s Chunky Highlights Are Having A Moment

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If you didn’t have 2000s chunky highlights, you were jealous of all the girls who did. Well, it’s time to make that right and ask your hairstylist for this revamped hairstyle. What are you still waiting for?

1. Blonde Chunky Highlights On Jet Black Hair

If you really want your 2000s chunky highlights to stand out, you need to combine two contrasting colors. The best choice is blonde and jet black!

2. Pink Highlights On Black Hair

What should you do if you want to go a bit wild? Pink 2000s chunky highlights on dark base hair color are calling your name!

3. Tri Colored Chunky Highlights

Can’t choose just one color for your 2000s chunky highlights? Even two shades are too boring for you? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

4. Copper Racoon Trail Chunky Highlights

Bold girls have gone crazy over racoon trail chunky highlights. All you have to do is choose your pairing of colors!

5. Chunky Pink Highlights On Blonde Hair

When you think of 2000s, pink and blonde colors come to your mind, am I right? Well, it’s now time to put them both on one hairstyle.

6. Chunky Highlights And Lowlights

If you want to add dimension and depth to your tresses, highlights won’t be enough! Instead, combine them with lowlights for a real 2000s look.

7. Blonde Chunky Highlights On Red Hair

It’s time for that fire from inside of you to be seen on the outside as well. And what better way to do it then to ask your stylist for blonde chunky highlights on red hair?

8. Blonde Chunky Highlights On Bronde Hair

You don’t like your natural bronde hair but you know that dyeing it would be too high-maintenance? It can only mean one thing: it needs blonde chunky highlights.

9. Purple Chunky Highlight On Black Hair

Here’s proof that black base color goes with almost all shades. If you want to spice things up, combine it with purple chunky highlights.

10. Chunky Highlights On Inverted Bob Cut

You’re looking at the biggest blast from the past ever! An inverted bob is the signature cut from the 2000s and we already know how popular were the chunky highlights.

11. Blended Chunky Highlights

Hair colorists around the world are struggling with how to make this 2000s hairstylist more contemporary-looking. Well, here’s the solution: blended chunky highlights.

12. Blue Chunky Highlights

Dyeing your whole hair funky color requires frequent touch ups, which asks for your time, money and effort. Instead, go for chunky highlights in your favorite crazy color.

13. Purple Chunky Highlights On Black Mullet

You want a real change this season? In that case, you need a new cut and a new coloring. Take purple chunky highlights on black mullet into consideration.

14. Rainbow Chunky Highlights

Are you ready to get noticed? Rainbow chunky highlights are calling your name!

15. Blonde Chunky Highlights On Copper Butterfly Cut

Chunky highlights are not the only think we brought back from the 2000s. A butterfly layered cut that gives your hair volume is also back and stronger than ever!

16. Chunky Ashy Highlights

Your grays are starting to show? Luckily, I have the best solution for you: ask your colorist to blend them with ashy chunky highlights on black base.

17. Asymmetrical Chunky Highlights On Curly Hair

Your inner kid will go wild when you hear that zig-zag hair part is back! Here’s an upgraded version: zig-zag chunky highlights.

18. Multicolored Chunky Highlights

Let’s get one thing straight: if you want multicolored chunky highlights, you need a really skilled hair colorist. But if you do find them, you’ll end up with the most beautiful hairstyle ever!

19. Green Chunky Highlights

Green chunky highlights are an amazing option for spring and for all of my brave girlies who want to wow everyone!

20. Chunky Face Framing Highlights

These chunky highlights will frame your face beautifully and put accent on your gorgeous cheeks. And let’s not forget that they take up only a small portion of your hair, which allows you keep the rest of your tresses healthy.