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22 Timeless Updos For Long Hair From Simple To Bold

22 Timeless Updos For Long Hair From Simple To Bold

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Let’s be honest: as much as you love your long hair, sometimes you can’t control the urge to sweep it and to get it off your face (especially on a wash day). But hey, why should you, especially when there are so many gorgeous updos for long hair?

1. Elegant Low Bun For Long Hair

Here’s some good news: looking elegant was never easier. You just need to roll your long, gorgeous hair into a low bun and you’re good to go. Add some hair jewelry to it to maximize the style.

2. 90s Updo For Long Hair

The 90s are back and stronger than ever. And they brought the famous claw clip hairstyle: the effortless yet attractive looking updo for long hair.

3. Textured Chignon For Long Hair

Here’s a perfect updo style for fine or thin long hair. Textured chignon will make your tresses look volumized and thicker.

4. Braided Half Updo With Curls

Can’t decide between and updo and wearing your hair down? Who says you have to? Braided half updo with curls is here for you.

5. Wavy Ponytail For Long Hair

If you have long hair, curling your low ponytail into romantic waves is always a great option. If your hair is not as long, add some clip-in extensions; I promise they won’t be noticed with this hairstyle.

6. Braided Updo For Long Hair

You don’t have to waste a ton of money on hairstylist to get a beautiful hairdo for long hair. In fact, you can do it yourself and if you don’t know how, here is a quick tutorial.

7. Bridal Updo For Long Hair

Your wedding is an awesome opportunity to treat yourself with a stylish, sophisticated hairstyle. I strongly recommend considering this bridal updo for your big day.

8. Updo For Long Hair With Bow

The right hair accessory can make a huge difference in your hairstyle. If you don’t believe me, just take another look at this bow updo for long hair.

9. Crown Braid For Long Hair

Elevate your look with this spectacular crown braid that is fit for a wedding day, a prom, or any other black-tie event.

10. Effortless Glam Updo For Long Hair

The trick is to achieve a glamorous appearance without it looking like you’ve tried. This effortless updo for long hair will get you all the compliments.

11. Messy Bun For Long Hair

Let’s continue with effortlessly glamorous updos for long hair. One thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with a messy bun. Leave a couple of strands in the front to complete the look.

12. Bubble Ponytail On Long Hair

If you want your ponytail to look more volumized and thicker, ask your hairstylist for a bubble ponytail. Or just do it yourself; trust me, it’s a piece of cake.

13. Topknot For Long Hair

When it’s too hot to handle, the last thing you want is your tresses all around your face and neck. Instead, tie it up in a top knot.

14. Sleek Bun For Long Hair

We’re still not over the clean girl aesthetic. A sleek bun for long hair is a trendy hairstyle you can wear every day or on special occasions.

15. High Ponytail For Long Hair

If you’re looking for a confidence-boosting hairstyle, you’ve found one! A high ponytail will make you look and feel sexier than ever.

16. Curly And Textured Updo For Long Hair

You’re looking at the iconic, Pamela Anderson inspired textured curly updo. It was popular in the 90s and it’s trending once again.

17. Ballerina Bun For Long Hair

I bet you won’t believe me but this ballerina bun for long hair is the easiest updo in the world. All you need is a hair donut and some hair jewelry.

18. Pigtails For Long Hair

Pigtails are not reserved for little girls only. They’re a cute and adorable hairstyle for all ages, especially if you have long, shiny hair.

19. Side Parted Updo For Long Hair

A side-parted updo will completely transform your face shape and remodel it. If you have a diamond, square or heart face shape, a side part will give it the much-needed balance.

20. Updo For Long Hair With Curtain Bang

It’s time to combine two fashionable trends: updos and curtain bangs. This hairstyle will frame your face while accentuating your jawline and cheekbones.

21. Greek Braids For Long Hair

Greek braids are an impressive, eye-catching updo for long hair. It’s a protective style you can wear for a couple of days in a row.

22. Half Ponytail

Here’s a classy and badassy updo for long hair: half ponytail. It’s ultra chic, versatile and most importantly easy to make.